Thursday, November 29, 2007

In training

Work is quiet for the next couple of days as I am in training. I am taking a 2-day course about negotiation, so this should come in handy with my husband and my father (two of the best negotiators I know :) )

Also, I have to warn my aunt and cousin about the Chuplis family xmas... On the Sunday before xmas we are headed to their house to celebrate and hang out. We have a ton of fun whenever we are there, but my kids do not give my cousin Joe a minute of peace. They just love hanging out with him because he is one of few teenage (I think he's still a teenager) guys that they know. Well, it is only going to get worse since Timmy is ALL about football now. he will turn on the TV and put on any footbal game he finds, doesn't matter who is playing. When he picks numbers fo guessing games, he picks numbers of Patriots players only because of who wears them. So, Joe is going to have his hands full! I'm sure Katie will too as Max will not leave her alone either!

Ah... a break from my kids!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

I was home with Max this morning as I had to take him for a doctor's appt. And while we were sitting together on the couch, he slides his hand behind me and rubs across my lower back. Since my sweater is on the short side, he rubbed skin instead of shirt and his comment to me, ....

"Is that your butt?"

Of course, I said no and started laughing so he of course said, "yes it is, its your butt!" and laughed!

That child...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend recap

Busy busy weekend! Turkey Day at my sisters was great. The boys had a good time and all the food was tasty! After dinner we walked to the playground so that the boys could play. The mild weather really helped!

Friday morning I was up bright and early to do some shopping. I got to Toys R Us at 4 am and there w as already a line a quarter of the way around the building. By the time they let us in, the line was around the building! I grabbed my stuff and was out of there by 5:10! Then headed to Target and got in line there as well! Not as bad as toys r us though! All in all pretty much got the 2 older boys done.

For the most part we just hung out on Friday and Saturday. We did go to Rich's bike race on Saturday morning in the freezing cold, but Timmy loves to cheer for him, so it was fun. It helped that the race drove right by a playground as well! We had Rich's 15 year high school reunion on saturday night, which was fun until I had about 1 (ok maybe 2) drinks to many! That made Sunday a really hard day for me.

But after a couple of naps I was good to go and ended up chasing lucy around outside for 4.5 hours. The boys let her out by accident around 3 and i finally got her in and bathed at about 7:40. Not fun. But overall a good long weekend! Here's some pictures from Thursday.

the pictures I promised

Here are a few pictures from Tim's thanksgiving show:

Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy busy busy

Well, work has not gotten any easier, but I have had some big wins lately so that helps!

Homework is still crazy, but should hopefully be done in the next couple of weeks.

The boys have been good, but of course a little crazy :) This past weekend, we went to karate, bought paint for the downstairs (its shaping up!), and right now I can't even remember what else we did...

Sunday I took them to Chuck E Cheese for a while and then after nap we went to the playground and then to Rich's bike club's annual party.

Today was Timmy's "snacktime with the pilgrim's". They put on a little play and then we had snack with them. Ask him anything about the pilgrim's he knows it all! Picture's to follow!

Thanksgiving is coming up and just means that I'll be more busy, but I'm really hoping to get a few minutes by myself this weekend. We shall see!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


chaos, craziness, and just a whole lot of everything going on...

Work is crazy... as usual...

School is busy with a big group project as well as a 10 page paper...

The boys have a ton going on right now... Parent/teacher conferences (more below), flu shots, thanksgiving plays, and just generally the holiday.

And I have two friends that I am sad for/worried about. One friend is someone who is there for anyone whenever you need her. Her mother and sister were visiting there family in India and were in a car crash on Tuesday. Her aunt and sister were killed and her mother is in critical condition. My heart breaks for their family. Take the time today to hug the ones you!

The other is a friend who has something going on, I just don't know what yet. She left me a message which ended in tears which makes me worry about her. I hope to hear from her soon!

But back to parent teacher conferences...

Both boys got absolutely glowing feedback. Sammy has a heart of gold, is so friendly and sociable, is 1 of 2 kids who are already reading in kindergarten, but... he doesn't stop talking (is anyone surprised :) ) Fortunately, he is always talking on topic, but still always talking. All in all a great report.

Timmy is also doing fabulously. Mrs. D had only great things to say, he is patient, bright, and at the point of helping out the other kids. She is going to start giving him supplemental packages in reading, which means he will probably be reading third grade material by the end of the year.

Ok, I'm off to do homework, but I figured I would add a couple of pics :)

We bought Max his bike helmet and it came with some pads. He loves it.

We have been playing a lot of superhero monopoly lately...

Monday, November 12, 2007

the abilities of boys....

Well, we all know that boys have the ability to pee standing up, which ultimately gives them more "freedom" on where they can go... My boys exemplify this!!

We've told the boys that if they are outside and they really just can't make it inside, they can go outside. Apparently, we need to be far more specific about, how, when, and where! Normally, I would figure they would go behind the shed or hide somewhere if they really had to do it, but no, not my children :)

I have recently (a few weeks ago) "hiding" behind the tree in my front yard to pee. Hiding is in quotes because, yes they were hiding from me (as I'm in the house) which meant that they were on the road side of the tree!! They were appropriately scolded for peeing in the front yard!!!

Well, apparently, we were not specific about where it was OK to pee. My mother in law watched the boys this afternoon and while they were helping bring stuff out to my father in law's truck, my mother in law found a puddle in the driveway. After a few questions, she found out that Sam had peed in the driveway!

I really do chalk this up to being little boys :) But they need to try and hide it a little!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Our first trip to the principal's office...

I am so angry right now!!! So, I bet a lot of you think that I'm talking about Tim... but I'm not. Sam has made his first (and last) trip to the principal's office. These boys have been told that they should never ever come home to tell us that they have been sent to the principal. So Sam is in a load of trouble. Apparently, he and the other boys were climbing the sinks and attempting to go over a half-wall in the bathroom. When the teacher found them, he was standing on the sink attempting to go up and over. He went straight to bed tonight and lost some other priveldges.

On another note:

Tonight Max would not eat his dinner, but we left him at the table briefly to look at the progress on the basement. Well, he then came to the top of the stairs to say that Lucy ate his grilled cheese. I asked him if he gave his sandwich to the dog and his reply???? "Yup!"

Sometimes, this parenting thing is really hard... ok, its always hard, I guess I just need a break!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Max strikes again...

This child is such a trouble maker... but he's so darn cute!!

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I hear Sammy yelling from the playroom. I ask what is going on and Sammy replies, "Tim is teasing me." Well, before I can even call Tim in, I hear from Max in the same sing-songy voice that Sammy used, "I teasing you too!"

So, I laughed and called both Tim and Max to the bathroom! Tim is so gonna use Max as one of his weapons!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Rich has started a second blog to capture all of our never ending house projects. I've linked it in the nav bar.

The basement is the next project on the list. My Father in law is finishing our basement. He has built our garage and breezeway and our playroom. The boys can't wait until its done!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I called Sammy a fat, dufus...

Is what Max tells us as he walks out into the kitchen today... Its lovely how the older two brothers use the smallest one to get at the other one. Max is the poor go-between!!

Also, here is a picture of the boys getting ready to watch a scary movie with Grandma last night.

4 day catch up

Ok, I haven't posted any real content since Wed morning so here's a true recap.

Halloween night I took the boys trick or treating, which in and of itself was all good. Rich was in class that night though so we had just left a bowl of candy out, which surprisingly was not empty. So the boys were told that they could sit on the steps and hand out candy. So I took Max in, got him out of his costume, into his jammies, and let him watch shrek for a few minutes.

So I went back to the front door to check on the boys and they were gone! I called their names and there was no answer, called again, no answer. So now I'm getting worried as its halloween so easier for scary people to disguise themselves, its nighttime and dark. So I go outside to call them again, no answer. Ok, totally panicing now. I heard people across the street, but couldn't see anyone, so called again and nothing. Finally I heard Timmy's voice and then saw them come running back across the street. Well, I lost it, burst into tears and told them they could no longer sit out front to hand out candy. Well, Tim burst into tears as I was telling them what I thought and Sammy just wouldn't look at me. I don't think that they will ever leave the yard without telling me again!!

Thursday wasn't anything exciting except me rolling my ankle in soccer.

Friday we had Sammy's soccer pizza party and then Saturday we had the parents soccer game for the last week of soccer. Then we left to head to my parents so that my dad, brother, Rich and I could go see the australian pink floyd group. Now normally, this isn't a group I would listen to, but grew up listening to them with my dad. When we were growing up we had a family room or play room and every saturday we spent the morning cleaning it listening to my Dad's pink floyd or pat benetar records. (yes records). The concert was a lot of fun and even funny to watch the 50-60 year old women dancing and screaming like 20 year olds.

I am tire today though and am just trying to figure out what to do with the boys before the football game!! Go PATS!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

More halloween

I promised more pictures and here they are:

My Cookie Monster, Ninja Lord, and Evil Jester

Max had to have a silly hat for silly hat day at the boy's school

Max with his silly hat and silly glasses

Max is waiting for trick or treaters