Sunday, August 24, 2008

WOW... all I can say is, Wow!

We just got back from Tim's first full football game. Last week was a shortened game on half a field and each team had equal offense and defensive time with the ball. This week was a real game.

Tim again played every play on offense and defense. The very first play of the game we were on offense, and they hand the ball to Tim who runs it for over 10 yards. They didn't get very far with that possession and the other team had this one kid who was amazing, so we went down 14-0.

Then on another possession we drove the ball down to the 5 yard line, it was the fourth down and they gave the ball to Tim who ran it in for the touchdown! I was jumping up and down, it was awesome. Then later in the game, they again gave the ball to Tim and he then proceeded to break a couple of tackles and run 50 yards in for the touchdown!! It was crazy!

Our defense is still learning and really struggled with the other teams star player, but Tim had a couple of good tackles on Defense. Then our third touchdown happened when our other strong runner was given the ball and started his run, Tim ran over had a HUGE block for the kid who ran it in. If Tim hadn't blocked him, he would have gotten Dayshaun.

At the end of the game, the coach called out that Tim and Dayshaun were the two stars for the game. Of course, I'm still not allowed to talk to him about it because I talk too much. And instead of being happy about the game, he ended up angry cuz 3 of his teammates got hurt and he thinks that the other team did it on purpose. Trying to reason with him after a football game is not fun :)

Another game next week!! Oh, and I realized I probably won't post too much video, because I start taping a play and then because I am watching the game, the camera ends up pointed at the crowd, the ground, or the sky and all you hear is me yelling :( I'll try better next time :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow, I really am MIA huh?

Like I said before, things are just crazy right now. The weekends are the down time and even those are a little busy :) Here's a quick update on what everyone is doing...

Max: is his crazy little, skinny self. We rearranged the boys rooms, first Timmy's a couple weekends ago and then Sam and Max's because Sam needed a change. So we separated the bunk beds and they are both on the floor now. Well, Max has figured out how to jump from his bed, to a toybox, and then over on to Sammy's bed. I'm just waiting for a broken arm.

Sammy: Has gotten into a little trouble lately, Ok a lot of trouble. To the point where I have had to be a good, all-be-it mean mom and have canceled his birthday party. Even after sending invitations, I have had to go back and contact all the kids and tell them the party is off. He better learn his darn lesson because this is one of the hardest things that I think I have ever done.

Timmy: Is absolutely loving playing football and he is even pretty good at it. He has a game every weekend and practices a few times a week. I think that he is ready to go back to school though because he needs some time away from his brother! THey don't go back until Sept. 3 though!

Rich: is in full-fledged training mode for the next bike season. Which is good because he loves it, but is bad for me because he is eating all the time and that is hard for me as I try to get back on weight watchers :) But he is good about trying to help me out.

Me: still working, driving kids around, and playing soccer. Pretty soon Rich and I will be going back to school. Both of us have this semester and next and then we are finally done, Rich with his MBA, me with my Masters. We can't wait to be done.

Well, I better get back to work and earn my paycheck!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

sorry I've been MIA...

Things have been crazy around here lately...

Work is actually moving along at a reasonable pace, but the after work stuff is a little overwhelming right now.

Timmy is into his second week of football, but this is the first week that they have worn pads and he absolutely loves it. On Tuesday he watched the clouds roll in and was really hoping that it didn't storm because, "he really wanted to tackle somebody". And today was his first scrimmage. He played in every play, both offense and defense and even had to play go to him a couple of times. He played really well.

Just as a heads up to the family... Timmy has a home game on Sept. 7 at 4:00 pm against... wait for it... Lincoln, RI. So, I'll have a small cookout for anyone that wants to come out and then we can go over and watch Tim play against Joey's hometown :)

Again, I've got some video, I just haven't put it up yet.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Recap...

Let's just say that it has been a long weekend. Rich has been away for his 24 hour mountain bike ride and I have had the kids virtually alone since Friday morning. I did take the kids to my parents on Saturday and that was helpful.

My parents and brothers are always good about taking the boys and playing with them to give me a break. We brought them out to lunch and in the pool and each one got to take a turn on "helping" grandpa mow the lawn. The funny thing was, Tim and Max were happy to help drive the mower, while Sam just rode along sticking his fingers in his ears because it was too loud ;)

One of the funnier Max moments was when I let the boys try the games I had on my iPhone. I have a scribble app where you just draw with your fingers. The first time that Max drew with his finger, he took his finger off the phone and looked at it trying to figure out how the color came out of his finger and got on the screen. It was totally cute :)

Now, I'm wondering why I'm not in bed... especially because tomorrow brings Rich back to me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Game 1 down...

Well, like I said, this week is pure chaos. Football four nights this week and baseball three nights. Luckily, football is not nearly as time consuming and exhausting as we thought it would be. But he is loving it. And he found out that his first scrimmage is Aug 16. and he got his position assignment... Cornerback... according to Rich this is the same position as my cousin.

But then we went to his baseball game where he played catcher for the first two innings. He came over to me, my sister, and parents prior to his ups to tell them to come stand behind the backstop because we could see him bat better. He walked his first at-bat, but then his second at bat he hit a double... which is a big deal in this league because since the kids pitch, there are a lot of walks and very few hits. If I can get any of the video from the last game posted, I will.

Tomorrow is more of the same, football right after work and then another baseball game at 7:45!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

One of those moments...

Have you ever read a story about how a child something and you think, "where on earth were this kids parents?" Well, I can answer that...

Today we went to watch Tim's baseball game and since it rained on and off, we backed the minivan up to the fence, opened the tailgate and sat on the back of the car to watch the game. It was working pretty well. Sam and Max were inside the car watching a video and Rich and I sat on the back.

And then the car started... yes, Max had climbed into the drivers' seat and turned the key. Rich and I had a brief second where we looked at each other and I ran for the front seat and grabbed the keys. That child would be the one to do something like that!!!