Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We have had a pretty good thanksgiving weekend! Tim has recovered fairly well from the pneumonia. We went out to my mother's house for the afternoon. The family ended up playing catch phrase for a pretty long time and Tim actually held his own :)

Then yesterday we went out to see Old Dogs. It was ok, not quite as funny as I thought it would be. The older boys seemed to enjoy it, but Max didn't really get into it.

I did go out and do black friday shopping. Since toysrus opened at 12 and there wasn't really anything I needed to get when they opened. I got there at 2:30. Which was great because the end of the long lines were over and I got pretty much everything on my list. Then I went over to jcpenny and got what I needed there, drove through the walmart parking lot and said noway. I ended up at Kohl's for a little while and that was the longest line I stood in. All that and grabbed some yummy food at honeydew for everyone's breakfast and was back home in bed by 5:45. And Rich let me sleep until 10 :) love that guy!!

We ended the week by watching Rich's bike race today.

All in all a really good long weekend.

Friday, November 13, 2009

wow, i'm sorry I haven't updated recently

What has been going on, let me see...

Football season is over, We didn't have a great end to the season... we lost our game in the mighty mite bowl, but Tim did have the only touchdown for our team. I did wave to my aunt and uncle in Hudson as we played our game at Tyngsboro high school (which I didn't realize was literally right down the street from their house).

Basketball season starts at the beginning of Dec., but there are evaluations this weekend and next to try and set up fair teams amongst the 2nd and 3rd graders. Luckily Tim and Sam will be on the same team. Although, funny story from yesterday... I was picking the boys up from the after school program and they were helping to clean up the gym to prepare for a girls basketball clinic.

The organizer introduced himself and I pointed out which kids were mine. He looked at Tim and asked what grade he was in because he was a big kid. I said that we was 8 and in the third grade. He said, wow tall kid. I said ya, his dad is 6'8". And he told me that although the clinic is for 5th-8th grade, that he would certainly include Tim since he was so big if he wanted to come.

Now this is just a clinic, doing skills and drills, no games. And first thinking about it, I was like, sure if he wants to... then thought wait a minute, he would be playing with 8th graders!!! He's used to playing with 5th and 6th graders in baseball, but 8th graders? I don't think that he would be intimidated, but the mentality of a 9 year old is very different than that of a 13 year old! We'll see what he says.

Max is Max. He has a one little girl that is his girlfriend at the after school program and they hug before they go home for the night. :) He told me last night that I couldn't give him kisses anymore unless I came to be the lunch helper :) Guess I'll have to surprise him soon!

Ok, I gotta get back to work!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

These are my three trick or treaters... and the crew that they went out with on Thursday for the downtown trick or treat.

Downtown trick or treat shuts down about .5 a mile of the main street and all the businesses give out candy to the kids. We got together with my two best friends from the kids school and all went out together. Kelly brought a wagon which was huge since her son Buzz Lightyear and my power ranger spent most of the time getting pulled around in that.

Most of the time I just kept counting heads, 2, 4, 6, ok all the boys are here. Every once in a while, Max would say, "here, mom" and hand me some trash. It took me a while, that Max just kept choosing piece of candy and eating them the whole time he was riding!!

Saturday was a beautiful night and Rich took the boys around the neighborhood. It was so nice and quiet in my house. I answered the door here and there and enjoyed the evening!