Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am very thankful for many things, probably too many to list here, so I'll leave you with this...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snack with the pilgrims

This morning Rich and I had snack with the Pilgrims.

This is an annual tradition that the first grade teacher puts on. They have completed their curriculum regarding thanksgiving and that part of our history. She makes pilgrim hats and bonnets for the children and they put a little play, answer questions about that time, and then serve snacks to the parents.

It is all absolutely adorable. Here are some pics:

Monday, November 17, 2008

You should see the other guy...

Now, his facial expression makes this look a little worse than it was :)

Saturday morning, I took all three boys to Timmy's first basketball practice. We were there pretty early, so Max and Sam also played around. Well, Max spotted the water fountain sticking out of the wall and decided to get a drink. When he was done, he bent down to pick up the ball between his feet and smacked his eye on the fountain.

I of course picked him up, but he only cried for about 30 seconds, I distracted him by getting him to pick up the ball upside down and off he went to play. Until I looked at him, and there was already a big lump, bruise, and bleeding. So I left the 2 older boys with other moms to wait for Rich and brought Max to the ER.

You would not have know this child was hurt because he climbed on anything and everything while we waited for the doctor. In the end, they glued the 1/4 inch cut above his eye. He still slept at my mother's that night, but he earned the nickname, "Pirate Pete" because he squinted all day long.. He was fine about sleeping on it though!

Now, if you ask him what happened, he'll tell you, "You should see the other guy!"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Legos and saving your money

Hmmm, not sure what is going on with us lately, since other than Rich and I being in school, we don't have much else to run around to :)

The boys are their typical selves. Although this past weekend, the older two got into Legos (the small ones that build really cool things) big time. Tim spent most of the weekend in his room building the legos quietly. Not watching TV or playing video games! I absolutely love that he is getting into this, but then I saw the price tag of these sets!!! some can get up to $40, $50, or $60. I told him to put them on his Xmas list and I'll tell his relatives.

IN either case, they still convinced me to take them to the offical lego store at the Natick Mall. They loved being in there and picking out which sets they want. And then convinced me to buy each of them one ($13 and $20) for which they each have to pay me back. IN fact, I am making them do an extra chore each day to make sure that they are working off their money.

I think that I may steal an idea from Rich for all of us. He is saving up for something specific and is making a big deal out of it by putting money in an envelope specifically for that. Well, I think maybe we should all do that. Pick something that we want and put a portion of the money that we get into that fund. Maybe they'll start to understand a little better. We'll see.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I'm sorry I haven't posted halloween pictures yet. In fact, I really don't have that many. They didn't want their pictures taken! But here is what I have...