Monday, June 21, 2010

HIT tournament

Timmy is playing for the 9 year old All star tournament baseball team this summer. (which takes up the whole summer with tournaments, but is good for him :) )

The first tournament was here in Hudson, where they had three games, plus Rich worked grounds crew and I worked in the food shack. (yes it was a very long weekend!)

Timmy played great!! His first at bat, he hit a triple out to center field. He plays mostly third base, shortstop or first. Here is a short montage from one of the games from this weekend.

I'm sure that I'll post more from the districts and states.

Note, I am an awful videographer when my kids do well... in the short video clip here, you'll see Tim bat. He hit a 2 run double out to center field (we were down and rallying at this point.) Well, you'll se ehim hit and then you'll here me screaming... and no longer actually taping Tim :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Max!

My Baby turned 5 yesterday. He is my clone and my biggest challenge :) This child can push my buttons like no other, yet he is also mama's boy. He is definitely my clothes horse already. He prefers jeans and a button down shirt to sweats and a tshirt. In fact, when he was going to head for his shower last night, he walked into the bathroom and said, "I looked goooood at my party today!"

We had a mini golf party for him where he invited all the boys from his class and a bunch of friends from his daycare. he had a blast and loved all of the gifts that he got :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

too much on the plate...

Sorry, its been a while! Our plates are down right overflowing this spring, so let me catch you up...

Rich and I - Rich is getting up at 4am most days to ride his bike in the dark and still leave for work by 6 (at the latest). He is Mountain biking as much as possible and even got on a sponsored developmental mountain bike team!

I have a lot on my plate at work (all good stuff, just a lot), am playing soccer still (LOVE IT) and am trucking kids around to their various activities!

Tim - Is playing on the minors league (8-9 year olds) in baseball and is doing fabulously. He pitches often because he is really good at it... although he didn't warm up correctly last night and we think he pulled his shoulder! His coach is nominating him for the under 9 all star team this summer!

He is also playing lacrosse and absolutely loves it. This is under-11 and Tim is still the biggest kid on the team. I think that he really likes the more aggressive sports. He enjoys playing attack so he can score goals, but the couple of times they put him at goalie, he was fabulous!

Sam - Sammy is also playing baseball in the rookie league and is doing well. He still sort of gets distracted in the field, but hits and fields really well when he is paying attention :)

He also just made his first communion. He was absolutely adorable and his class did fabulously. Pictures below.

Max - as i said previously, he is a handful. He has started T-ball and is also loving it. The first practice one of the coaches saw him throw and asked him if he had played before. To which Max said nope. Then tonight at practice, Max threw him the ball and the guy caught it with no glove. Had to shake his hand out after that catch!

His 5th is coming up on the 16th and he is having an indoor mini golf party. He is very excited to turn 5. He asks every day if it is Sunday yet!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Performance improvement plan...

So, I am in the middle of review season right now. Meaning that everyone gets their yearly performance review in May. Our process starts in Feb and last until delivery in late april.

Well, when someone is not performing as well as they should and could be, they might possibly go on a performance improvement plan. They need to do specific things in order to begin heading in the right direction. And they better show significant improvement, quickly.

Well, I've (and his teacher) decided that Max is on a performance improvement plan. He has gotten notes recently from his teacher letting us know that his self control is all but non existent. So now he gets a sheet everyday that rates his morning and his afternoon. He get a check, check plus, or check minus. And depending on what he gets, he may (or may not) come home and put a sticker on his chart to earn a privilege. Well, three days in and we've got 1 sticker on the chart so far.

I'm telling you, if one of my children drives me crazy, it will be this one.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday, Mom! It looks like you got beautiful weather for it :) Enjoy!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cross curricular fair

Last night was the boys cross curricular fair. Each class in the school has a theme and they work on projects related to that theme. The boys were:

K-1: Ocean Life

2: old American school days

3: endangered animals

They all did very well on their projects, but Sammy continues to crack us up. Each family got a letter from the Pony express. Here is what our letter from Sam said,

" March 1810
Dear Mom and Dad,
I personally think that children today poems are the best, but it is your opinion. I also think you will like the hand flags. Also, you mite want to checkout my silhouette cause I think it is a good looking kid. Also I want you to checkout the pictures from today and the picture from back than. Thank you for taking the time from your day to come see this presentation.

Most of what he is referring to are the projects that they did as part of this study. But he is a good looking kid!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wordly Wise

Wordly wise is the vocabulary workbook that the kids use in school. Tonight Sam had an assignment where there was a list of words that they had to use in sentences. I was reading them over after I noticed a word misspelled.

A couple of the sentences had me laughing...

brain: My brain helped me think of this sentence.
Chimney: smoke comes out of chimneys.
flames: Flames come out of flamethrowers.

This reminded us of the time when he was 4 and rationalized that paper came from birch trees, because birch trees are white.

That kid can always make me smile!