Friday, June 29, 2007

Ahhhh, the weekend!

Soccer was good last night, I actualy managed to score a goal... something that I am normally not very good at. I did stop a few goals though and have the bruise to show for it!! I ended up meeting a friend for a couple of beers last night afterwards. I did find out that the place we went doesn't do shots! What's up with that? OH well!

Work as usual is fairly crazy, so I am prety happy its the weekend. Although I have a feeling that I'll be doing some work over the weekend to get ready for next week!

Tomorrow we have karate and then a cookout at a friends house tomorrow night. Should be a lot of fun! Then Sunday I'll bring Sammy over to his cousins for a sleep over. They have a blast together, and it gives me one less kid ;) Tonight, hubby is going out, so no big plans for dinner. I just need to figure out what to feed the boys. I'd love some sushi, but not sure I can get the good stuff easily with all of them. We'll see!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick check in

A very quick check in for me today. I'm off to a good bye "party" for a colleague and then to a 6 pm soccer game. I have not yet decidedif I am going to stay after the game and drink beer or if I'll go home and give the older kids their baths.

I may even jump in the pool when I get home. The boys and I have gone in the pool the last three nights and it has been great. All three are getting more comfortable and it is really good practice for tim to use the swimimies to get swimming (even though he can touch the bottom ;)

Work is pure chaos. I really do not have nearly enough time to do evrything that I need to do. I'm trying to prioritize, I'm trying to delegate, but there is still much on the plate. And I'm trying my best to only do a little bit of work at night since I really do need to relax here and there! Tomorrow will not be any easier, and I already know of work that I need to do over the weekend...sigh...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Can it get any hotter? I guess the answer is yes, but come on. Where are the 80 degree days we had, those are the best! It did allow me to take the boys in the pool again last night, which is a lot of fun. Hopefully soon Rich will be able to join us. He is still nursing the road rash he got a week and a half ago. After he rides home today he may just suck it up and jump in anyway.

Hopefully I should hear today if my car is fixed. I will be happy to get the car back, but not so happy to pay the bill. We decided to just pay it since the surcharge on the insurance would be more over the long run. I can;t believe I did so much damage in my own darn driveway!!

OK, this has to be short, I have a presentation to attend and then I get to go up to another company to present some work I've been doing with a colleague!


Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer swimming

As i mentioned, here is a map of where I ran. If you notice the elevation map, you will see that rarely was it flat!

We went in the pool for the first time this summer, it was awesome because I could finlly bring all three in by myself. Timmy is tall enough to stand in the pool now, so it might actually be easier to teach him to swim. Sammy can swim with his swimmies or his barbell and Max just clings to me or sits on the deck when he is cold :)

I also wanted to post a few pictures that some people haven't seen. So here are some pics of Timmy's Kindergarten graduation:

Ok, we're finally going to eat dinner.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Picked up the boys from grandma and granpa's this morning. I spent the morning playing outside and we even swam in my parents pool. The boys had a lot of fun, but I think that my parents were as ready for them to leave as they were to get home. They all slept on the way home, but not nearly enough, so they were exhausted when we got home.

Later Max and I went grocery shopping while Rich played in the yard with Tim and Sam. I made dinner and we ate it outside. Then bathed the boys before heading out for a run.

I ran 8 miles for the first time in my life. Granted I did walk a couple of minutes, mostly on big up hills, but I picked a pretty hilly route (not sure what I was thinking). I'm just happy I can say I completed it, even if it was slow.

Tomorrow we drop the ban off to be fixed. If I have time I'll take quick pictures of it before I drop it off!

Time to sleep!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

champagne cosmos

Dinner wihtout kids is so nice. I didn't have to cut anyone's food up for them!!

We went to an old favorite of mine even though its changed quite a bit). We went to a place called the Boynton, which I can not go to without buying the wings! I can not find anywhere that has as good wings :) Well, we ate a really good dinner and now we are home and almost ready for bed. The one thing that parents can't wait to do on a night when they don't have the kids... sleep! After 2 champagne cosmos, I'm ready to sleep!


Soccer tournament

Just got back from the soccer tournament. It was a lot of fun, but there were too many girls on the team. I really wanted to play more than I did. It was a work thing and really only myself and 1 other women even work where I work. Plus the competitive side of me really wanted us to do better than we did and a couple of the girls were OK, but not great. Oh well, it was a lot of fun!

I did call my parents a while ago and it seems like the kids were OK, but that my parents will be a little happy when they go home ;) Three little boys are such a handful :) But they're surviving!

Rich spent the entire day cleaning the basement. And when I talked to him, he basically told me I had 3 projects to do before the end of the weekend. I told him that I thought we'd go out since the boys aren't here.

So, out to dinner we go! Not sure where we are going yet, but somewhere, anywhere!

Enough for me today!

Friday, June 22, 2007

A weekend alone...

So we get the weekend alone!

This weekend the boys are sleeping at Grandma's!! I am playing in an all day soccer tournament tomorrow and Rich really needed time to get some stuff done around here. Plus we really needed time to chat about stuff, so my saint of a dad said he'd take the boys even though my mom is working tomorrow.

My dad is so good with the boys. (Ok, yes, I'm Daddy's little girl and think he can pretty much do no wrong anyway), but he is so patient that it works great with 3 crazy little boys :) My mom just thinks Max is a riot so he entertains her!!

So my two funny kid stories for now...

Yesterday we got thunderstorms and they started after Rich had been running. Well, Sammy, who was scared came to sit with me on the couch. I commented that I hoped he got home soon because it worried me and Sammy said, "Oh I know why. It's because the thunder could hit him because he is the tallest thing out there!" :)

Then this morning, Tim pointed out ever so gently, "Mom!! I see that you wear large underpants! I see the pink tag sticking out of your pants!" Great, thanks for pointing that out!!

Ok, so finally here are my gratuitous pictures! Sammy and Timmy coloring while Sammy was at karate, and the three boys playing on my bed!

Take 2

Ok, so I haven't done a great job of posting on the last blog, so I'm going to try again. This might be a good way for me to let off some steam here and there. I'm sure that I'll mostly post about my monkeys, but they're so darn cute... sometimes :) I'll do my best to keep people in the loop!

But, right now its late and I think the adrenaline from soccer has worn off!