Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Canobie Lake and first communion

This past weekend was pretty busy, but a ton of fun!

On Saturday, Canobie lake park opened for the season. Tickets were cheap and the weather was beautiful so I decided to take the boys. Thank god for my sister because she met us there and it was hug to have an extra adult since Timmy started going on rides that the other two wouldn't go near :)

Here are some pics of that:

Then on Sunday, Timmy received his First Communion. Of course I was a sap. It was definitely hot in that church, but I was so proud of him as he walked in carrying the Lectionary. Here is some video. He is very excited about the fact that he can go up and receive communion anytime now. Sammy is a bit jealous! Not only of communion, but also all the gifts that Timmy got. He has been saving for a TV of his own and now he can afford it :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ok, I know its been a long time...

And yes, I find myself saying this a lot. I think about posting, but things just get so crazy, and I don't download pictures that I intend to post, so I just don't post.

But let me catch you up...

Easter was very nice. The boys did multiple egg hunts and walked away with some cash and lots of candy :) There was only one major problem this Easter (and I didn't even think of it until I walked into my mother's and realized that my Gram wasn't there)... I didn't get ANY fresh kielbasa.

This is a tradition at Easter in my Mom's family and I hoard it... I LOVE it and there was none :(

But it was great to hang with my aunt and cousin and we even went to a school and tried out the new kites that we got from my Sisters-in-law. Very fun, but cold :)

This past weekend was nice... the boys went outside and played and Tim even spent a bunch of time building himself a 'goalie' for his hockey net. I helped him cut it out and ti it to eh goal, but he decorated it. I'll post a pic as soon as I get it off the camera :)

Monday was a long night, after school while traveling home, I followed a car that was swerving between lanes... as I was on the phone with 911 reporting him, I watched him careen off the road, hit multiple trees and land in the woods. It was a wooded area and no one else around, so I stayed as the witness to help police. I did not approach the vehicle to see if they guy was alright because he was no where to be seen. He apparently was sprawled across the front seat and unconscious. Police and fire arrived and took care of it. If you read this article, it is the second story about the crash on Old Sudbury Rd. He did survive, but that's all I know.

And now we come to the present. We are just getting into baseball season which is going to take up most evenings for a couple of months. Add to that, Rich and I finishing school (Yay), so I won't promise to be any more regular about posting!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update on sickness...

Well, Sammy seems to have made a miraculous recovery. By Saturday, his throat was feeling much better and his congestion had mostly cleared. But to be safe we are discouraging much running around because of the potential for an enlarged spleen with mono. He is very put off by that. How do you tell a 6 year old little boy that he can't run around???

So, Monday he went back to school, and Rich and I finally went back to what we thought would be a normal schedule again. Yeah, not to be so.

I got a call on Tuesday at about 3:30 from daycare saying that Max couldn't stop coughing and he had a low grade temp. My response (and please excuse the swear) was, "You've got to be F-ing kidding me"

So I picked him up and was home with him today. His fever remained low grade until he went to bed tonight went it finally went over 100. So Rich will be home with him tomorrow.

It has been a really long couple of weeks with all the sickness and missed work. Thank god I have an understanding boss, but at this point I hope that I am not pushing my luck with her.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday to my Mom!!

This morning I said to Max, "today is Grandma's birthday. We need to call her tonight." And he said, "Wait, Grandpa's not a girl."

Hope you and Dad had fun tonight!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Poor Sammy!

Well, it's been a rough couple of weeks in this household. Max was out of daycare sick from last Tuesday through Friday. Then on Monday, daycare was closed because she had a stomach virus. But, Sammy also stayed home because his throat hurt.

Well, he got progressively worse and on Wed. we went to the doctor to be checked for strep throat. The initial test came back negative, but because of his symptoms, they also wanted him to be tested for mono.

And unfortunately, that came back positive. He has been pretty miserable all week. His throat is very sore, he is extremely congested, and really isn't eating anything. I offer him popsicles and ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner and he really wants nothing to do with it.

We are doing whatever we can to help with the congestion, gargling with salt water and sitting in a steamy bathroom has real get junk out. He also takes naps each day, but there is really nothing you can do for it except let it runs it course.

At least he tries to do a little homework here and there :) Poor kid.

So we are going on 11 days of a sick child, which also means 11 days of missing work here and there!