Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween pics

I've got a ton of pics from today, I have to get them off the other computer, but here is one from Max's daycare:


Today will be n early day for me since I scheduled the older for Dentist appointments (yes before they go trick or treating) :) Then I'll pick up Max and we'll go home and get started. Rich is in class tonight, so we'll be the people that set the bowl out for the lucky people who come to our house first. They'll get to dump the bowl right in :)

Funny story: I laugh at how kids think that our world is so small... Timmy was telling me about how his teacher went to visit her daughter at college in CT this past weekend and I said that their cousin Joey also goes to college in CT. And Timmy said that we should ask Joey what his girlfriends name is because maybe it is Mrs. D's (his teacher) daughter. :)

Ok, I started this an hour ago and many people have come into my office to chat:) More pictures tonight!

Friday, October 26, 2007

My Grampy

I know this is sort of a random post, but while I was downloading the pictures of Max, I came across some pictures of my grampy. I felt the need to post a quick message about him.

My Grampy passed away about a year and a half ago and I miss him every day. I will always remember my Grampy as full of life. he always had a smile on his face whenever he saw one of his grandkids or great-grandkids. He was a true family man who would have done anything for any one of us if we needed him.

He always made us laugh...

He had 11 fingers (no not really, that was just one of his many jokes), but her always had me fooled.

He would show me his "pride and joy", think pictures of products with the same name.

He also showed me his diamond ring and pin that he got for my grammy, (think dime, ring, and pin).

He always painted pumpkins for us each halloween.

I like to think that I get my love of making people smile from him. I like to do nice things for people because it always makes me feel good and that was him. He would always pull a coupon for free hugs out of his pocket for anyone who treated him nice, a nurse, a waitress, or any one of my friends that I brought by the house.

He truly was such a wonderful man, and I'm not sure why I'm having this sudden urge to post about him, but I do miss him. And it makes me smile every time Max passes by the picture on his dresser of him and Papa because he points to it and says, that's Papa. I really wish my kids got to know him better.

I miss him!

couple of pics of Max

Here is my little cookie monster... I'll take more on halloween of all three of them!

Sorry its been a while...

It has been a relatively normal week in our house except for all of the after school stuff that has been going on.

Monday of course was school for me. Nothing big there, but Tuesday was a halloween party for Sammy, which Tim was upset that he didn't get to go. And Sammy was really upset when I picked him up to leave! It is very interesting to me to see how other kids live. I totally believe that each family does what works for them. Everyone is different, but I think that Sammy didn't want to leave because what kid wouldn't want to leave a yard that has an inground pool, a trampoline, a big jungle gym, a popcorn maker (like you see at the circus), and a bedroom that has bunk beds and a TV. Now their house is only the size of mine. They are truly the nicest people, but my kids had better get used to seeing other people's things and being OK with what they've got:)

Wed Rich had school and yesterday we had the downtown trick or treating in Hudson. Oh my God, what a crazy place. They block off about .5 mile of main st and all the stores along the way give out candy. We essentially got in a line starting at one end and walked through the line all the way up one side and back down the other. Granted the boys were really good and looked very cute, my arm is killing me because I carried Max most of the way. Otherwise we never would have moved along!!

Now they get to get more candy next week. Although, I must really be a mean mom because I scheduled cleanings at the Dentist for both boys on Halloween :)

Ok, time to work! I'll post a picture of my little cookie monster tonight!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday recap

Today, the boys and I spent most of the day at my parents. They were really good and had a blast playing catch and soccer with my dad and brother in the backyard. Lilly was there and the first thing that Max did after running into the house was to give her a hug. I think it made her day.

My mom of course ended up having to find something on TV for Max to which he made sure to tell her that he needed the foot stool to watch... Now, mind you his little legs aren't longer than the couch, so it really just needed to be nearby :)

Timmy had a great time watching the Pats with Lilly and Uncle DJ. He is really getting into the games lately and so it was great for him to watch with them.

There were of course a couple of funny Max stories: First he made sure to be a great team player during soccer and told Grampa that he had a "nice try" when he kicked the ball.

There was also the time where he lost a shoe on the front steps as he came in the door. He then came inside and said, I take other shoe off. Which he did and then he pushed open the front door and dropped the other shoe with the lost one. :)

He is too darn funny.

I do have to say though, it is always nice to "go home" to my parents to feel like a kid again. Not only did I have my favorite ice cream from growing up, but I also had my dad tell me to stop twirling my hair (a horrible bad habit I have had my whole life).

Ok, I'm off to match socks!

Saturday recap

We had a pretty good weekend... i'm sure the weather helped! Saturday I took the older two boys to soccer, then to a birthday party, and then the whole family went to Pumpkin Fest in Hudson.

Pumpkin Fest is essentially a big fair where organizations around town have food and game booths, and other fun activities for everyone to enjoy. We got some dinner and then tried out some games. Sammy did really well in a soccer shoot game and Tim did great at the baseball-dunk-tank-like game. He hit the bullseye about 4 out of 6 times, but just not quite hard enough to soak the kid, so they let him run up and push the target with his hand.

The Hudson Police were handing out glow necklaces and such so we took a picture of what the back seat of the van looked like on the way home.

The boys also got their faces painted (don't ask me why there is blood on a ghost, but Sammy thought it was cool):

We then came home and watched the Sox beat up on Cleveland!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Well, the week is over, finally! I took the boys to karate and then we went home and had a quick dinner before Rich took the boys to see a pre-season celtics game. Max and I went out and bought birthday presents for a friend of the boys.

Tomorrow we have Soccer, then the birthday party, then Pumpkin Fest. This is basically a town fair kind of things with games, food, rides, and other things to do. (well the rides are really just little things, not amusement kids of rides.) It is typically a lot of fun for the kids, I just hope that it dries up in time!

I'll try to have some pictures up soon.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Looooooooong week...

Um, can I just sleep through the next couple of days. Lots of customers, plus wearing nice clothes all week, plus being sick has made me grumpy, tired and worn out. Rich got sick on Sunday night and then it seemed that I was starting to get it on Tuesday night. Not a good thing since Wednesday was my long day with customers. So I took a vitamin C, a vitamin c with echinacea, and nyquil and went to bed at 8:30. It mostly worked, I woke up wed. feeling pretty good except for the sore throat. I made it through the day and even went out for some drinks with customers. All in all, a reasonable day.

But today it hit hard again. I couldn't stay at the conference all day and left at 10:30 to come home and go to bed :( I slept until 3!! I'm feeling a little bit better but still very rundown! Oh and i still can't swallow without grimmacing!

So tomorrow it is back to work, but I'm totally ready for the weekend!! A busy saturday, but then Sunday we'll head out to my parents!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend recap

Busy weekend as usual, but lots of fun! Of course it was not without its cute comments from Max.

Fri night we went next door to the neighbors for dinner. We just did take out and it was probably a ton more work for them, but it was fun to hold Emily (the absolutely happiest baby) and to get a chance to chat with Bill and Kristen a little! But it also meant all the boys were up a little late!

Sat. Rich left at about 4:45 for a race in Gloucester, so I had to get the boys to soccer sort of on my own. My in-laws came to watch so it was helpful to have an extra person to help watch and chase Max. Although, he did have one incident where he pooped in his underwear. Well, the only thing I had in my car was a bag full of clothes for donation, well, it is now one less shirt, because that is what I had to wipe max up with. I pretty much threw the underwear and shirt away in the trash!!

I did take them to the playground in the afternoon and had a blast chasing them around like a monster!

We had then planned to take the boys to the Worcester sharks game (they were so excited) and then we realized that we were exhausted and couldn't do another late night, so we took them to Chuck E Cheese instead. They totally had a blast!

Sun we spent most of the day in Gloucester watching the races and watching Tim do his second race. he was doing awesome until he went a little too fast into a tight turn. He of course was totally disappointed in himself and in tears because he was 4th or 5th until that point. But he really did do great!

Came home and made a spaghetti dinner which was good, but made me reminiscent of my mom's homemade sauce! Boys in bed early and now its time for more homework!

WICKED busy week ahead of me as a customer conference is in town, so I'll be in the middle of it until Thursday night!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

privacy in the bathroom

Ya know, I always used to wonder why my mom left the bathroom door open when she went in there... now as a mom, I know, one of us was likely to walk in on her anyways, so why even close it to begin with!!

Tonight, I was in the bathroom, really actually enjoying the fact that I was alone, when of course, I hear Max, "Mommy, where are you? I need hug." Rich being good, says, Mommy's busy, come give me a hug!" He of course says, No and enters the bathroom. He says, "I need a hug!", gives me a hug and I ask him to leave and close the door. As he starts out, he turns and looks at me and say, "I go now, but you come out give me 'nother hug." And closes the door and leaves. Of course, he came back in at least once more, but still did give me a hug when I came out!

So darn cute!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More kids say...

My boys really do say the darndest things sometimes :) There truly is a reason they are made cute :)

Last night at dinner we were having a discussion with the boys about hard work and being the manager of a group. I'm not a big fan of the word boss, but the boys get that better than manager. So we talked about how I'm a boss and Rich is a boss and Max said, I wanna be a boss. SO I told him he can be the boss of "german" his stuffed elephant. So Timmy looks at all of us, walks into the playroom, and says, "Ok, I'll be the boss of Sam." Typical TIm mentality to which we then had to tell him, that No, he does not get to boss Sam around!

Sam was then upset that he couldn't be the boss of anything, so Rich told him he could be the boss of the animals in the house. TO which he replied, "I don't want to be the boss of the animals because that means I have to take care of all of them!"

The final funny kid thing for today is that this morning I had to wake Sammy and Max up to get ready for school. Sammy did not want to get out of bed and finally came into the bathroom. he came in and said, "It's not fair!!! the crabs get to sleep all day!!"

Ok, done for now!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Again, Max and Timeout...

Max's regular time out spot is in front of the dishwasher for 2 minutes. As a child in between 2 and 3 he is hitting the time out spot more frequently than we'd like. Well, apparently last night while I was in class he started pulling the spiderman chairs and ottoman out of the playroom and dragged them to the kitchen. When Rich asked him what he was doing his response was, "I need go timeout." Apparently, he doesn't get that timeout shouldn't be cooshy!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Trail racing

We had a relatively fun weekend. After Karate on Sat, we went out and bought halloween costumes. Max is going to be Cookie Monster, Sam is a Ninja Lord, and Tim is going to be an Evil Jester. Only problem is apparently he takes after his mom because he is too scared to wear the mask most of the time. So he may just end up being a plain old jester instead of an evil one. (I say he is like me because my parents have a picture of me dressed in my halloween costume as strawberry shortcake, but I didn't like the mask, so my little sister wore it. If I have it somewhere, I'll scan it and post it.

Then we went to the race on sunday morning. It was really kind of chilly, but the race was still good. Timmy isn't sure how to pace himself yet and started out really strong and then ended up walking here and there. However, it wasn't an easy race and he still did really well. Sammy on the other hand, ran every single step in a beautifully paced manner. The funniest part about it was before the race though. Sammy said that he was afraid to run the race by himself because, "what if I get out in front of everyone and then I don't know where to go?" It was so cute :)

Then of course, Rich and I ran the adult trail race. Now, I have to say that I am officially going to stick to the roads. It was not fun to run through sand or over rocks and roots. I like the solid footing!

I am waiting to see if my friends have pics to post from the race.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Come on... it's thursday night soccer...

I had a game last night and it was pretty ugly. Not because we lost by a goal (I did score by the way), but it was a very physical, cheap-shot kind of game! My team is actually pretty good about keeping their mouths shut and playing a clean game, but these guys were dirty and vocal. Lots of penalties, yellow cards, and one guy on the other team even got a red card after the game was over! It could've been a good game between two good teams and it just got ugly.

This weekend should prove to be a busy one. Soccer is cancelled for the holiday, so we will do karate tomorrow morning instead of this afternoon. Then we'll likely shop for halloween costumes. I'm going out with the girls and then Sunday morning the boys are running a 2 mile race. Should be fun!

I'll post some pictures later!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finish to the weekend

Yes I know its Tuesday night and the weekend is really gone, but here's the recap.

Saturday was a crazy busy day with soccer and then just hanging out with the boys until it was time to go to a dinner party with my co-workers. Which was an absolute blast, there were some delicious dishes and I even learned how to toast in Russian!

Then Sunday Rich went to a bike race in the morning and then me and the boys followed so that Timmy could do his first bike race. It was pretty basic as it was a course around the edge of a baseball diamond, but he had never ridden in a group of riders before. My proudest moment of the race was when in the first lap, he fell off his bike and he immediately got right back up, on his bike and even passed some people. He didn't freak out or anything. Of course as he finished the race he was upset that he was not in the front of the pack, despite it being his first race and having only been riding on 2 wheels for a short period of time. He really did great.

Timmy waiting to line up

Timmy and Rich hanging out

Timmy attempting to pass a couple of other riders

Had to put in a pic of Rich in his race. He is coming down the middle of the hill.

I finally ended with a get together at my daycare provider's. We were helping other parents who don't have kids in school yet to see what the options are and why people choose what they did. It was interesting because a couple of people disputed sending kids right when they turn 5 which is exactly what I did with Sammy. Oh well!