Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My brain is full

I was in training all day and now my brain is full. It wasn't a topic that I didn't know about, but more the discussion around it frustrated me, but also made me take a closer look at what battles I pick to fight!

Sammy seemed to have a good day with Lilly today. For all my friends reading, Lilly is my Grammy. The boys call her Lilly as she is their great-grammy and her name is Lillian. Max is so cute when he sees her, he always goes up and gives her a big hug!

Rich did take the boys for ice cream after dinner, so they were happy. Then they passed out in bed. Camp really tires Timmy out and I think that Sammy can't wait for tomorrow when he goes back to see his friend at daycare.

I went for a ~4 mile run tonight and then jumped in the pool. It felt so good. I'm officially back on the WW wagon, so the run was important!

Ok, off to bed!

Monday, July 30, 2007

All went well

Sammy had his surgery today. All went well and he is not in much pain. He is a little afraid to pee and is very turned off by the bandage and how it looks, but he is handling it. My gram is going to come and play games and hang out with him tomorrow since I am in training class.

Really not too much to say about today as I worked whenever I wasn't helping Sammy. But all is well, so until tomorrow!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fun summer day

Today was a reasonably easy, fun summer day. Although, not be able to do anything serious is driving Rich crazy, which in turn can then drive me crazy. He's the type of person, that when he's in a bad mood or is grumpy, if he goes for a bike ride or a run, he comes back in great mood. It's just his outlet. Well, the broken hand is preventing that right now, (as well as doing anything truly productive by his definition), so he doesn't have any good outlets right now. Soon, hopefully soon!

He did take Tim and Sam to a race in Worcester. It is a bike race up George st. This street is some ridiculous uphill (and I really do mean ridiculous) that he does every year and still considered this year. But they just went and watched. Max and I went and did the groceries. Which I was actually pretty impressed with myself. With the store discount card and my coupons, I saved $42. Pretty damn good!

Then we ate lunch and had "rest time". I swear at this point, naps and rest time are more for me and Rich than it is for the kids!! Then we rode bikes and scooters for a while, went swimming, and had dinner. Because Sammy is having surgery tomorrow, we let him choose dinner which was french toast sticks and sausage for the boys, I made sauteed peppers, onions, and mushrooms, and some buffalo chicken.

Finally I was able to go for a run with my friend Hollie. We are both training for a good run in Sept. It really is nice to run with someone instead of on your own!

Ok, I need to go wake up Sammy to see if he'll eat anything since he can't eat anything before the surgery tomorrow!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

We hit a milestone!!!

Timmy finally learned to ride his bike without training wheels!

Out of the mouths of babes...

Well, my boys are into Fergie right now. Ok, It's my CD, but they ask to listen to it! Well, Timmy has been dying to hear track 4 which is a song called London. Well, in the unedited version, this song repeatedly says, "Oh, shit!". Well, Timmy has figured out how to change the tracks when he is waiting in the car for me to drop off/pick up Sam and Max. Well, he of course tells me that he has figured it out and has listened to the song (which has others swears too). And he all of a sudden starts singing what sounds like ,"Oh, shit!" Well I ask him what he is saying and he says, "O-cean!" I cracked up. I love that he is still so innocent. By the way though, Max calls Fergilicious, "Berkilikilis". But he asks for it every time we get in the car!

Speaking of Max, I'm not sure that Time-outs are working for him... What do you think?

Friday, July 27, 2007

I live with boys...

It becomes more obvious each day that I am totally outnumbered in this house!! On the way home today Timmy started a story off with, "So Mom, I was hit in the wiener with a soccer ball today!" Or something to that effect. So I laughed a little and then Tim started to teach Max how to say, "wiener". So he started saying, "wiener hurt" over and over. 2 year-old repetition!!

Then I come home and relate the story to Rich to which he of course starts laughing. I guess wieners are funny to boys of all ages!!

Well, to remedy that I'm going out with a few girls from work tonight. Hopefully it won't be a late night, but I also don't know exactly where I'm going, so I am somewhat dependent on my friends :)


Thursday, July 26, 2007

just another day

Except that it was darn hot. My soccer game tonight was essentially cancelled so I decided to opt out of the pick up game and stay home to take the boys in the pool. I did go running, but it is really freaking hot out there!!

Timmy is still struggling with how he behaves towards Sam. He is really into bullying him and I'm not sure how to get him to stop yelling at Sam for everything!

Sam on the other hand is so happy go lucky, that the prospect of his re-circumcision (yes the first time it was done it was really conservative and we're getting it fixed), his only care is that he gets ice cream for dinner. He isn't nervous in the least. Plus its getting him attention (and money). My Sister inlaw gave him a transformer that he loves and my Mother inlaw sent him $5. Now he is psyched to get more pokemon cards. These kinds of cards are all over my house and I am about ready to just start throwing some away. But of course they know which ones they have and which ones they don't so they'd actually miss them.

Rich is out getting our dinner and it should be here soon. Can't wait!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

terrible two's

Ok, I think that I'm about done with Max telling me 'No!" for some reason I don't remember Tim or Sam saying no quite as much as Max does! It really is driving me crazy!

Other than that, today wasn't all that crazy. I had a lot to do at work, but it was all good stuff and good meetings. Although, how the heck is it Thursday already?

Sorry to keep this short, but I need to go to bed soon!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One of those days...

Ah, yes, its just been one of those days...

Rich had surgery on his hand today. They ended up putting 3 screws in it instead of a plate because the plate was just too big. They finally let me see him in recovery at about 12:40 which was a whole 5 minutes before I had to leave to get to a meeting I had at work at 1. Luckily his mom was there to bring him home and take care of him. Thank goodness she was around to help!

Work is still chaos and I totally feel like such a jerk to all of my direct reports. I've been on vacation for 2 weeks and they all have stuff to tell me and stuff they need guidance on, especially the new ones and I barely have time for any of them nevermind getting any real work done.

Then of course nothing went right on the way home tonight... lost (or at least thought I did) my cell right before I left. spent too much time trying to find it (which it was still in my car). Which made me late to get Timmy and subsequently late to get the other 2. Then on the way I hit bumper to bumper traffic on 495, which pushed it even later.

Then we've been trying to get Timmy's loose tooth out and so spent a bunch of time with him in tears... not to mention Max didn't want to go to bed tonight. Needless to say, I didn't cook dinner tonight :)

So now, I've been up doing a bunch of the work that I just didn't have time to get to today.

But time for bed now! I get to do it all again tomorrow!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm a mean mom...

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, by the time I went out to get the kids, got them home, fed, and bathed, I still had to go out for my run and then to the grocery store. then after that I had to take some time to read Harry Potter. The boys all had good weekends at their grandparents houses. I was thankful for the break!

Back to work today which was an absolute mad house! It was good to be back, but vacation was a good break from the chaos that is work.

So why am I a mean mom... well, Timmy has had a problem lately of being rough with his brother's. Well he had a couple incidents at camp today where a boy he knows teased him, so of course he came home and was a pain to Sammy. Well, after he shoved him for no reason I told him that bullys weren't welcome in my house and told him to go outside. He spent 45 minutes outside, knocking on the door, ringing the doorbell, and just generally going back and forth. It wasn't until he realized that he had to pee that he took it all seriously. I finally let him back in and told him to pee and get ready for bed. Then we had a long talk about what was bothering him and what was acceptable and what was unacceptable in my house.

I also told him that when daddy and Sammy plan a date to see the Simpson's movie and that if his behavior doesn't improve, he's not going. I really hate to do this to him, but I have to nip this behavior and disrespect in the bud. I can't wait until he's a teenager! This parenting thing is so hard!

Anyone find the manual yet???

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shhhhh... can you hear that?

It's silence! Yes, silence in my home. It is a rare thing!

Last night at 9:30 I scheduled myself a massage this morning, courtesy of my wonderful husband who gave me a gift certificate to the spa for our anniversary. So while he took Tim to karate I went and got an hour massage. So awesome... I needed it after these last 2 weeks!

Then I did a ton of cleaning around my house. You probably couldn't tell by looking at it, but I did get a good chunk of stuff done in the living room and in my cupboards. Plus I emptied the dishwasher and helped with a load of laundry ( This is worthy news since Rich usually does all of this stuff while I'm in charge of watching the kids!)

Timmy really just hung out today until he heard the ice cream truck coming and he bolted into the front yard! Then Rich brought him to my mother in laws for his sleep over. He packed as much money as he could find so that he could play pokeno with them.

I spent most of the day after cleaning reading Harry Potter. I did go for a run and went over to visit with my sweet little new neighbor, Emily, Oh yeah and the rest of her family ;) She is so tiny and she slept the whole time. But it is amazing how once you are used to "the sway" when you hold a baby, you never really lose it. I also got to see Andrew the announcer. He is Emily's almost 3 year old brother who has about as much energy as 3 year old triplets. He is so damn cute though when he announces (into his play microphone) that you are "singing number 5 on the list, A-B-C". Too Funny.

Then Rich and I went out to dinner, nothing extravagant as we were both kid of tired, but so nice to go out alone and not have to worry about spilled milk!

Now we are just going to sit together on the couch for a while!

Tomorrow the kids come home!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Only child for at least tonight...

Well, I've managed to send 2 of the 3 kids to my mother's for the weekend! She was going to take all three, but I've realized that the 2 older ones needed a break from each other. So my Mother in law will take the oldest tomorrow night so that Rich and I can go out together ... alone!

Today certainly challenges yesterday in terms of which one was tougher. I don't think that I have ever had as bad a lunch out with my children as I did today. My mother was being so good, I was losing my temper and she kept trying to keep the children calm and in line despite the great challenge that they were presenting. We almost left after ordering our drinks!

Although they barely ate any of their food, we all felt a little better and headed to the little town spray park. They transformed the old pool that I used to lifeguard at into a cute little spray park. The boys had a otn of fun bopping between that and the playground. Brought them back and essentially tried to get out of there as quick as possible so that the baby didn't freak.

Took the oldest out for dinner and now we're home for a quiet night at home. I plan to do nothing until I go to bed. Tomorrow will be a little more active... especially since the Harry Potter book will be here!! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

84 hours until I drop them at daycare...

...but who's counting???

Ok, so I think that today might have been the worst so far. Don't get me wrong, it certainly had times where my children were perfectly behaved reasonable human beings. Mostly it was during "rest" time, but it really was a rough day and now I'm off to soccer.

Let's just say that my day started off by Max pooping all over the floor. We're in the midst of relaxed potty training and he mostly goes on the potty, but pooping is not consistent. WEll I knew he had to poop this morning so made him keep getting on the potty. Well, I turn my back for 1 minute and he is at the threshold of the door with poop coming out. Well he dropped 2 more pieces after that across my bathroom floor. Gross, but at least I wasn't cleaning it out of a rug!

Major chaos and uncertainty with Rich's doctors, so just to be safe, I threw the kids in the car and headed for karate. I knew we'd be about 10 minutes late, but oh well. Max is a crazy man when we go there, so 1.5 hours is a bit long, but we did get munchkins and hit the grocery store while we waited for TIm. Well, we got back and Sammy was watching Tim's class with his partially open gatorade, which Max found and dumped all over himself and the dojo. Luckily, the Sensie is great and got me paper towels and rug cleaner so I could fix her floor :(

By this time, we were unable to go visit my Sister In Law (which I caught hell from the boys for.) Well, Sammy remembered that we had promised to get them crocs so off we went. Again, I should know better at this point, well brought all three of them in where we proceeded to pull every pair off the racks before Max went running around. But $84 later, they each have them.

WE came home and I fed them lunch before asking them to "rest". My good friend 'Trouble' came over and rought me lunch and we chatted. It was good to see her. Lucky devil, she sent her kids to her parents in Florida for something like 4-8 weeks. Anyone want to take mine? ;)

Max proceeded to wake up about 10 minutes after she left and I tried to get him back down, but he pretty much wanted nothing to do with bed. Damn! So I figured, OK, I'll take them outside and get them riding their bikes. But when we walked out into the garage... it was raining, so instead I threw them in the car and took them to the library. We were there for over an hour and they had a blast. Yay!

Off we went home where I made some delicious stuffed peppers for us (and my neighbors) for dinner. And then off to soccer!

Tomorrow, we are headed to my sister in laws and then my mom's. I love my kids, but I also love when they have sleepovers at someone else's house!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary to... me!

12 years ago today, I met Rich. My funny story about this was that we were a blind date and that one of the questions I asked my friends was, "So, how tall is this guy?" When she answered me that he was something like 6'8", I didn't believe her, until I went to her house and saw a REALLY tall guy go running by in a pair of green umbro shorts and no shirt! I figured that must be him!

10 years ago today, I got really mad at Rich for being a big jerk. It was our anniversary, I got all dressed up, took a bus out to Worcester to meet him for the weekend (and dinner I figured) and he showed up in freaking shorts and a grubby shirt. He then told me that we needed to go back to his apartment before dinner. Well, we got there and he made my lug my heavy bag all the way upstairs to his apartment (in my heels!). Even after making it obvious that he should grab the bag, he ignored me and went into the apartment. He knew that I would go put the bag in his room so that his roommate didn't have to trip over it. Well, I walked into his room to see a huge vase of white roses and a sheet covering his bed, asking me to marry him.

9 years ago today, I married my best friend. Granted next year will be the real big milestone, but we have had a pretty good 9 years and I can't wait for more! (If only he would stop asking me about what the next car should be?)

I guess him coming home with a semi-expensive bottle of champagne trumps the chaotic day I had with the boys ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lunch with Lilly

I took the boys out to see my Gram today. To them though, she is Lilly :) They played a little at Auntie Mary's house, but since it is really not kid proof, we decided to head to the playground!

My cousin Katie was there, and the boys loved playing with her. Max was even impressed when Lilly sat on a swing :) Then we took them to lunch at Applebees. Lunch out with the three boys is always a little crazy, but Katie and Lilly took it all in stride. A funny story for Auntie Mary and Joey though... when we got to the house, Max was looking for Joey and I said to him, "where's Joey". And Max's answer was, "lay down couch." and he went over to look for him. This is funny since Joey is in college and is pretty much always laying on the couch watching some ball game or another when we go over there :) Too cute!

So, I promised more vacation pics and here are a few more.

Grampa and Max in the kitchen of the cabin

Sammy driving his first car... yes its on a track, but he did yell at me for making him turn around for a picture because, "Mommy! I need to watch where I'm going!"

Sammy and Syd (the best of friends) hugging before we leave Clark's Trading Post.

Riding atop a bear at Clark's...Max was too afraid to even go near the bear. (but of course wouldn't leave the cages where you could watch the real bears!!

Timmy and Daddy ride the Turtle twirly thing... unfortunately, they grabbed a dud and really didn't spin much!

That's about it for tonight. I need to go down and get the hundreds of loads of clothes that need to be folded... ya know there are many reasons that I am looking forward to Rich's hand healing!!

Finally... Max's 2 year pictures

I know I'm a couple months late, but I just picked up Max's 2 year pictures. Here is my baby... he's getting so big!

Monday, July 16, 2007

1 down, 4 to go

Well, the boys weren't really too bad today. I wanted to stay close to home so that we could just sort of settle down after being gone for a week. We went grocery shopping. I've started printing out images of things we need so that the boys can have their own lists to work off of. It takes an extra 30 minutes to make the list, but it keeps the boys entertained during the shopping trip. Max on the other hand was worse than usual and cried over a few random things, but I chalked it up to him being tired. I just kept asking him for "okomo" (eskimo) kisses which always makes him laugh!

Then we came home and they "rested". Max slept and I'm not sure what the other 2 did in their room. We did a huge cleaning job on their room though, so at least you can see the floor now. Then after naps we went in the pool for a while. Afterwards, our next door neighbor called to see if we wanted to play outside. They have a new baby girl that I saw once when she was a day old and now I'm dying to see and hold her again! She was born on July 6. She'll be my little girl/baby fix for now.

I did try going out for a run today and the knee was still sore, but I think that it will be ok to get back into running and playing soccer. It may just take a few nights of icing afterwards.

Ok, I have to sew up a hole in Sammy's new stuffed lizard. Have a good night all!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

what I did on my summer vacation.. week 1

Well, it has been a long (yes most of it fun) week! Here is the long story, with a few pictures!

We were originally going to leave as early as possible, but Rich had to hit the orthopedic and couldn't get an appt until 3:20 that afternoon. We gave the boys the option of leaving that night after dinner or the next morning and of course they chose that night. So at 6:30 at night, we headed up to N.H. Through pouring, driving rain we made it to Tamworth. I got the beds made and kids in bed shortly before 10. Ouch!!

We had thought that we might meet up with my Sister in law and her family, and my mother and father in law, but they wanted to give us a break since we just got there, so off to StoryLand we went. The boys had an absolute blast. We hit most rides and except for a few, Max went on all of them. That night, my dad came up to stay for a couple of days. I love having an extra adult to watch the boys!

We finally meet up with the in laws, who also have their inlaws. It really did crack me up that their group was 6 adults and 1 4 year old little girl ;) We hit Clarks' Trading post. We had a really fun day. I felt a little silly since I was under the impression that we would all get lunch together and then found that my mother inlaw had packed lunch. So I sort of felt that we were mooching off them. The funny story from here was that we were waiting in line for a ride and the girl running it was commenting on how tall Tim was. So she asked how old she was and he said 6. Then she asked how old Sammy was (he was sitting down next to me), I told her he was 2 and everyone standing near by went quiet and their jaws dropped. Rich and I quickly laughed and told them he was really almost 5 ;)

Then we went to dinner at the Red Fox. They have face painting and a movie room for the kids. Here is a picture of Max and Sammy.

Rich left early in the morning and took my dad's truck to go back to Framingham to see a hand specialist. So my dad and I packed up the boys and took them to Whale's Tale water park. The older 2 did a ton of riding the slides. Max only mildly enjoyed the kiddie pool, but loved the lazy river. We stopped briefly along the way to grab some snacks. We then tried to go Mini-golfing, but Timmy of course couldn't stand not doing well, so threw multiple small fits, that really just got us all angry. We headed home, had dinner and went to bed.

We cleaned up the cabin, got packed up and headed out to spend the day and then go to the Mt. Washington Resort hotel for my company outing. We decided to take our annual ride up Mt. Washington. We had a total blast despite it not being a very clear day. The boys love it up there. We did find though that we can't really bring the van up anymore because even going down in low gear, the engine doesn't do a great job of holding the car back and we had to stop to cool our smoking brakes! Here are a couple of my favorite pics from our pit stop.

Max always makes the same funny face :)

Ok, this is getting long, so only funny stuff and small details...

Fri night we met up with my company and went to a party, put the boys to bed (yes we all stayed in the same room!)

We got up, had our breakfast and headed for Santa's Village. It was actually very fun and Max will tell anyone we meet that he fed cookies to the reindeer. We then headed home for naps to get ready for the next party and kids kamp. I love the fact that for free, the resort has babysitters (or a camp) for kids age 4-12! We also took turns with another couple watching Max and their baby as they slept in our room. Party was good, but didn't go to bed until really late.

We got up, had our breakfast, went to the pool and hottub (remind me why I promised them that we could go in) and then packed up an headed for home. That same rain that greeted us in NH, wished us goodbye and made the trip home a little longer. Saw some cool lightning though.

So now we're home, we order dinner out and I'm about to fold a bunch of laundry. The boys and I are on vacation again next week, but for tomorrow, we're doing very little!!

I'll post some more pictures as I get more time!

Oh, here are some of my favorite things that happened this week...

1) Chocorua Lake, will now be called Chocorua puddle (Max names any body of water a puddle)
2) Timmy can make me laugh even when I'm bawling... read a really sad book and was crying and he rolled over from nap and in a very chipper voice said, "Good Afternoon, Mommy!"
3) My Dad's name has officialy changed to "Grampa". Max yelled at me for calling him, "Dad"
4) Again telling someone that Sammy was 2! And that same ride, seeing Sammy's amazement that the house really wen in circles around us.

Ok, laundry calls... damn!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

For a picture of Rich's hand, check out his blog. You can see the broken bone on the far left bone! :( Poor guy! He is such a busy person (he doesn't sit still even if I beg him) so it is pretty damn frustrating to not be able to do everything he wants to.

Hopefully, this will heal quickly!

"I'm an Ogre! ARGH!!"

That's kind of how my day started with the kids. I woke up kind of grumpy and Max was in rare form this morning! He unpacked both suitcases of the boys that I had packed for vacation. He dumped out the markers that I had cleaned up twice. Then I packed them up ran to Walmart before heading to my parents house for a party.

So, as I'm heading out to their house, my phone rings and Rich says, "so this just isn't funny anymore" and I just groaned. I had not been having a good morning with the boys and now I am about to hear how he crashed and hurt something! Well, another trip to the ER to find out he broke his hand. He spent all afternoon at the ER and missed most of the party (more details in a minute). He has to call the orthopedic doctor tomorrow and we'll see what happens and when we can leave for vacation.

Party at my mom's was a ton of fun. Pretty much lazing by the pool and eating cook-out food. My cousin turned 10 today and we had cake and gave her gifts. It was really fun to by a cute dress for her, since I typically just buy boy clothes. But we did totally have a blast and I think every single one of us is exhausted.

Rich and I have been packing since we got home and now we are gonna sit down and eat a little dinner.

Off for vacation tomorrow!

Friday, July 6, 2007

on vacation 2

Well, vacation started by taking the boys to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. I ordered a yummy black raspberry lemonade, with skyy vodka! Yes I'm starting early ;) But now the rest of the evening will be making my packing list and starting to get things ready for vacation.

Tonight the boys decided to get Max started saying, "that's mean!" SO now, every once in a while he turns around and says, "Timmy, that's mean!" out of no where, which then causes the other two to break up in hysterics.

Oh and for those of you who read and know my neighbor, she had a baby girl today!!! This is great as she already has a little boy. So now anytime I get too much testosterone we can send Bill and Andrew over here and I'll go hang out with Kristen and the baby! Gives me a baby fill and a little girl fill!

I'll take lots of pictures on vacation and post whenever I can.


Well, I am officially on vacation. Today was a very hectic day, but I am now on vacation. I'll certainly post more later this evening!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Knee Sprain

Well, the diagnosis is that I just sprained my knee. I kind of figured that was about it since I can still walk, I just kind of tweak it if I turn the wrong way. He thinks that I should be running in about 10 days. Woo hoo, hopefully I don't lose anything that I had gained while running.

Spent most of the day working from home, but did see the doc and took Tim in the pool this afternoon. Then I made some really yummy pizza and took all the boys in the pool this evening.

I totally need to get some more pictures up here and will soon. I just have to figure out which ones and when.

Lots of stuff planned for the weekend, cookout at our friends on Sat., my brother comes home from CO this weekend, so we'll make the trip to my Mother's on Sun to see him and then Monday we leave for vacation. It should be a pretty fun week!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not such a great day...

Well, today did not start out so great!! Intentions were good, but things just didn't happen the way I would've liked. We were going to head to a kids fun run in Harvard so that Tim and Sam could run 1 mile.

Well we got to the school and were running a little late and so Rich took Tim and Sam and went ahead. Well, we had to park far away, across a field, so originally, Max and I were walking along a side of hill where cars were parked, so I decided, that we would walk down the hill and across the hill so that neither of us fell. SO I start down the hill holding Max's hand and my right foot slips and my left leg bends as far as it can. Well, that left leg is the one that had surgery and doesn't have complete range of motion and my fall just forced it to the max range of motion.

Luckily, Max didn't fall and Rich wasn't so far ahead that I couldn't yell to him to come back. So they come running back to me and Rich tries to get me to lie down to which I reply that I needed to sit up. Well apparently, I then passed out and fell backwards (I was sitting on the grass so it wasn't that bad, but Rich says I knocked my head kind of hard.) Well, Timmy is a crying mess at this point, Sammy is quietly watching on and Max is sitting by my shoulder pulling grass. Apparently, I was out for about 30 seconds and someone saw what was going on and helped Rich get the ambulance crew. Well, I guess I came to and was disoriented and then passed back out. I just felt like I was sleeping.

So off to the ER we go. I felt much better once we got there and my knee didn't really hurt as much as I thought it would. Well it was x-rayed and there was nothing there, so it is likely that I broke a bunch of scar tissue and over stretched some muscles that hadn't been that stretched in a year. SO no soccer for me tomorrow and off to the orthopedic I go!

I felt horrible though scaring the life out of Rich and the boys. Poor Timmy has been hugging me all day!

Well, now I am off to do some work since I won't be going in tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Max story of the day...

So before I get to the story, we just got back from watching the Worcester fireworks. THe fireworks in and of themselves were fine although the mean spirit of some people just makes me mad. I got yelled at for parking in one spot and this older gentlemen yelled at me that he'd been there for 1.5 hours and we should get there earlier to park. He also yelled at a couple of other people too... i think he needs to find a new place to watch!

Ok, so now my Max story... this morning when I was in the shower getting ready Max was playing in the bathroom with me. Well he pulled out the scale and of course wanted to get on. So he got on the scale and up came the number... and I said, "30!!! Wow, you're so big!" So he then told me, "Mama, do", so with a sigh, I stepped on the scale and up came the number... and Max exclaimed in much the same way that I did, "28!!!"

I think that he's my favorite!

Good day so far

Wow, it must be my day today!!

First, as I went to the doctor for my light treatment (I'm getting phototherapy for my eczema), I was walking in and noticed that the 2 valet guys stopped talking as I walked by. Well, one of them had been leaning on a pole and when I walked by I noticed him turn around the pole to watch me walk in. (I saw him in the reflection of the window). The first thing Rich said when I told him, "WHat were you wearing?" ;) Totally made me feel good.

Then on the way to work as I was coming down a ramp and suddenly hear screeching tires, I look behind me and someone totally spun out coming down it. If I was 1 second later, I totally would've been behind them.

Now I"m at work and I was expecting a totally crazy day of meeting after meeting and both my 10 am and 11 am got cancelled. Woo hoo!! I can totally get other stuff done now! Maybe, I'll buy a lottery ticket later!

Monday, July 2, 2007

love my sushi...

Well, busy night, but at least it ended with sushi!!

Came home and helped hubby get the boys dinner... ok he did most everything, but I brought the baby to the bathroom a couple of times while they ate. Then I went for my long run. It was up a route with a hill that really sucked!!! I had originally planned to do almost 7 then come home so the boys could do the last mile with me. Well, while I was running I realized that this was my 4th day in a row running and my legs were really tired. So I cut it slightly short and came back for the boys. They did really well for just under a mile except if they complained that it was too short one more time, I think I might have screamed. My legs were ready to fall off at that point :)

But then I came home and decided that I really needed to get some sushi! SO I actually drove 25 minutes back to framingham to get it. YUM!!

well that has pretty much made it 10 already. I've done some work and now I just want to read and relax!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Gorgeous weekend!

Weekend really wasn't overly exciting, the boys had karate and then we played outside for a while. Then I made them 'relax' in their room while Max slept and I read my book. (I'm re-reading Harry Potter 6 to get ready for the final one in July!!

Then we went to a cook-out at a friends... ok I take it back there was a little bit of excitement at the party. I did play tag for a while with all the kids that were there (all while drinking my mimosa) and chased Max around while he went up and down the swingset to get to the slide.

Then after about 3 hours we were about to get ready to leave when we here a huge CRACK and we all look over to see Sammy and their little boy Carter (whose 5) lying on the gorund with a huge branch laying across them. Well, they were both hanging on a branch (that was low enough that they oculd both reach it in the first place) and it being slightly rotted, it broke off the tree at the base of the branch. Now when I say branch it was probably 405 inches in diameter. Not a small branch.

Well, they both start screaming as soon sa they see the two dads darting towards them. Well after a minute or two or tears, I point out to them that they were so strong that they broke a whole tree. Well, they then were in instant giggles and were so proud of themselves. Sammy repeatedly told people that it was the 6 desserts that he ate which made him so heavy to break the branch. We got home at 9:30 and he wanted to call his cousin to tell her. Luckily he got out of that one with a small scratch on his side.

Today I dropped him off at his ocusin's for a sleepover and then took Tim and Max for Max's 2 year old pictures. They came out really cute!

Ok, I need to fold laundry... my husband's such a slave driver ;) Just kidding, honey!