Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So our mornings tend to be a little hectic. Rich gets lunches made before he leaves, but then it is up to me and the boys to get ourselves dressed and fed in the morning. It usually ends up with me nagging them to do what they need to do so we aren't late.

Except for Sam... he is always so good about doing what he needs to do in the morning. In fact all the boys are responsible for figuring out what they want to eat and then mostly getting it. I'll help as necessary. Tim and Sam are even in charge of reading the directions on whatever is that they need to cook.

Well, this morning Sam read the box for his frozen french toast sticks. It said, 2-3 minutes. So he put the microwave on 2 minutes 30 seconds. Well, when we all went back into the kitchen we saw smoke coming out of the microwave and opened it to find a fairly charred piece of french toast.

Turns out that it was supposed to go in a toaster oven not a microwave oven.

Poor kid, he felt bad, and now we all smell awful. I'm just hoping that the cleaning people don't think that the house is on fire when they come in :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

more sleeping...

Here is the picture of Tim passed out on the couch Monday night.

And I guess Sam felt left out of the sleeping conversation, because this is what I found when I went in to kiss him goodnight the other night...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sleeping arrangements

Two interesting sleeping arrnagement stories for you...

First, Tim convinced me that he was OK to watch the show Ghosthunters. Now flashback slightly to the beginning of the summer where he was watching a show on cartoon network called the Othersiders. It scared the heck out of him and we had sleeping issues for 2 weeks. so saturday, he asks to watch ghosthunters, telling me that he watched an episode friday night and wasn't scared. I think ok, maybe he's over it.

Ya, not so much. He was up most of sunday night. he went from his bed to the couch, to waking me up, back to the couch, to waking us up by puking in our bedroom and all over the bathroom (poor Rich had to clean it up). I then went and snoozed on his recliner while he fell asleep only to have him back downstairs 30 minutes later and back on the couch. He climbed in bed with me at about 5 when RIch went to work.

We then found him passed out on the couch after dinner last night at 6:15. Last night was mildly better. Needless to say, Ghosthunters is now blocked.

We also had a conversation with Max last night about his girlfriends. For a while now, Cady from daycare, and I have been his girlfriends. Well, he lays next to Lia in preschool and he has decided that she too is his girlfriend. He even asked for a sleepover last night with the 2 of them. And when you are someone's boyfriend you get to kiss them on the lips and marry them... but you both have to be 5 years old.

SO he climbs in to bed and tells me that Lia will sleep on one side and Cady on another, and I'll sleep with daddy and he can be my boyfriend. But then he changed his mind and told that the girls will sleep on either side of him and I can sleep in his sleeping bag on his floor. Demoted so quickly...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kid Speak: Mommy you're getting bigger!

Stealing the format of the title from my friend Jen...

Yesterday everyone had the day off except for me, so they came to bring me to lunch. As we were leaving Max gave me a hug. He then stopped and looked up at me and said "Mommy, you're getting bigger" in a tone like "good job, mommy!".

I then pointed out to him that I had high heeled boots on, so I just seemed taller to him :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our disney vacation

This past weekend we spent at Disney. Here's the story.

When Rich and I graduated from grad school we decided that we would take the boys to Disney as a thank you for putting up with us while we were in school. We told them it would likely be sometime around Thanksgiving. And we really didn't mention it much after that.

Fast forward to Thursday, Oct. 1. We showed up at the school to take the boys and head to the airport. You can see their reaction in the video :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick teaser

Here are a couple of fun pictures from Disney... more to follow: