Monday, February 23, 2009


We had a relatively quiet weekend. It was a rare saturday where there was no basketball, baseball, or swimming... don't worry, though, it starts again this coming weekend.

I did tell the boys that we were having Octopus for dinner on Friday. This was Max's Octopus:

He did of course end up in timeout a couple of times this weekend. ONce was before he had gotten out of his jammies. He wore a very large t-shirt to bed the night before and this is what his timeout looked like:

Other than that, we had breakfast with Rich's family, which was really just an opportunity for 5 kids to be really loud and run around for a while :) But it was fun.

Now, we are all baack to the grind, school is open and work is still here :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

good deed, funny story

Today I went to the doctor's office and as I was leaving and walking to my car, this woman walks out from between the cars and tells me that she can't find her car.

Here is what the conversation looked like:

me: What kind and what color car is it?
her: it's a grey envoy. they dilated my eyes so I can't see it anywhere.
me: Ok, do you remember about where you parked it?
her: I remember pulling in. the license plate is (some number I don't remember).

so I asked her for her keys figuring we could just start pressing the button while we walk around and find it.

So we start walking while I am pushing buttons and found a coupe of cars that looked like light colored SUVs. We went all the one to one end of the parking lot and started working our way back.

Eventually, I heard a beep, but didn't see a light colored envoy.

me: I hear beeping, is it over here?
her: no, I don't see it.
me: well, this black SUV is beeping when ever I press the button...
her: No, that definitely... isn't... it... Oh my God! I took my car! I thought I had driven my husband's car!
me: So, are you Ok to drive then?
her: Yup, I have sunglasses!

So, I did my good deed for the day :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's day

Happy belated Valentine's day everyone! Hope yours was as good as mine!

But let's back up just a little. On Tuesday I ended up taking Sammy to the doctor. The poor kid got my horrible skin genes. His hands were really dry before I left for the cruise and when I got back, the back of his hand was all bubbly, like raised rash type bubbly and swollen. So I took him in and they said that the dry skin and cold basically "burned" his hand and that the swelling was concerning. So they put him on antibiotics, he has to keep his hand covered with bacitracin and keep it wrapped. He also has to wear gloves if it is less than 35 degrees.

But while we were out, we stopped at the paper store to by v-day cards. Well, Sam picked out one for me and then hid it and asked for money so he could pay for it without my seeing it. Very cute.

So fast forward... Saturday morning, we got up a little late, then decided to go get the boys haircuts before the 2 basketball games. No big deal and they were awful cute.

We really had nothing else planned for the day until Rich and I went out to dinner. We went out early to try and beat some of the rush. But then were done early and wanted to kill time to be sure the boys were in bed by the time we got home. So we went over to the Natick Collection because Rich hadn't seen the expansion. As we were walking through he stopped me and pointed out some jewelry in the window of a Hawaiian jeweler. There were these beautiful Tahitian pearls in the window and he said he would buy me one.

I didn't believe him, but said, well, I could try them on! And this is what I walked out with:

I then proceeded to point out the matching ring :) Maybe for graduation or Mother's day!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Hi all,

I know I've been slacking again. Part of the problem is that I went on a business trip last Thursday to Sunday and I'm back in school, so reading and homework take up a bunch of time in the evenings.

My business trip was a company celebration of our 25h anniversary. To have our company meetings, the entire company boarded a carnival cruise line and sailed from Miami to Cozumel Mexico. I ran into a few problems along the way, and when I called home to Rich, he was unsympathetic :) I didn't blame him.

On Thursday morning we were used from Miami airport to the port, but the bus I got on, stalled 4 times in the middle of the highway. Luckily the last stall was in the shoulder and another bus came along and picked us up. Rich said that if I had been broken down in Maine and not warm Miami, he would feel bad ;)

I did get a little sunburn on my nose (nothing too bad) and ended up having to sit on the bus for 2.5 hours to get back on the plane to come home, but I do have a fabulous tan! I have a few pictures that I have not yet downloaded, but will post a few for all to see.

And, yes, Rich did survive the weekend. I have to say thanks to my parents who took Max for 2 days while daycare was closed and tired him out thoroughly so that he didn't argue about naps this weekend.

Ok, as mentioned, I'm headed to school to study up before class.