Friday, February 29, 2008

Follow up to Throw up...

Well, apparently, Sammy was well enough to go to the game with Rich. He really did well the rest of the day. He ate toast (2 servings) and a bagel with peanut butter for lunch and held it all down. Rich came home at lunch time to take care of him and all was well.

As I write this, I just got a call from Rich at the game and they are having a blast. They may even get an opportunity to go "behind the scenes" because a friend of Rich's was there and his daughter's friends dad is the VP of the Celtics. And they have access to locker rooms and such. So we shall see if they get to go back or not. (That poor boy is going to be exhausted tomorrow... maybe the snow will cancel his swimming and he can sleep late!)

Ok, I'm going to just hang out and watch my taped shows.

Have I ever mentioned I hate throw-up?

As a kid, I was the one who couldn't even walk by the bathroom when someone was throwing because I would gag and almost get sick myself. In fact, I'm reminded of a time when I was babysitting for 4 kids and the twin 2 year olds managed to both throw up sitting next to each other. I had to call my mom from down the street to help. She cleaned the babies, but I had to clean the mess and it was the most traumatizing thing I think I ever had to do!!

Things got better when I was in college, but still! Whenever the boys have been sick in the past, poor Rich has had to clean them up. Well, this morning, I was in the bathroom, when Sammy came out crying that he had thrown up. And in fact, he had... it was all over my kitchen and refrigerator!! Of course, I grab him and try to get him to the sink, as I gag. Thank god, Timmy helped by grabbing a chair.

So, now I'm home this morning trying to get some work done and hoping that he doesn't throw anymore. Partly because I don't want to clean it, but partly because tonight was supposed to be his big night out with Rich at the Celtics game.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Singing for Grampa

I'm not sure if I mentioned that the boys have been playing Guitar Hero and learning lots of songs rock songs from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Pat Benatar's Hit me with your best shot is one of Max's favorites. This cracks me up because this is one of the ones that I grew up listening to because my dad played it (mostly when we were cleaning the family room.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yup! (A collection of Max stories)

Well, Max had his fill of funny stories for the last few days, so I figured I'd collect them. First, I had to title this post Yup! mostly for my Dad. Sam, Max and myself went out to visit my parents on Saturday and I think it got to the point that my dad was asking Max questions specifically because Max would pretty much just answer with, "Yup!" It was cute.

This picture is from this morning. First of all, Max pretty much answers most questions with, "I don't know." You really need to push him to get more than that. Well, this morning he was sitting in Tim's chair at the kitchen table when I notice that he's eating something which I haven't given him. When I asked him what it was, his answer was of course, "I don't know." I asked again and as he glances at the box of sweetheart valentine's candy, he again says, "I don't know." I ask a third time and he puts his hand out to the side, shrugs his shoulders and says in this cute little voice, "I don't know!" Too funny!

Then today I was told that I am not a girl. I forget how we got on the topic of girls, but Max then informed me that, no I am not a girl. When I asked him what I was, he informed me that I am, "just a mommy". I asked him what some of the kids in his class were and they of course are "just girls". I then asked him about Tim and Sam and they are thankfully boys. I then asked, "Is Daddy a girl" and he told me, "no he is Rich and you are Elana. He is a daddy.. a rich daddy and you are just a mommy." It was a very cute conversation :)

This last picture is just of the boys crowded around my computer while Timmy is playing a game. Of course I started taking the picture and Sam turned around and laughed because I was taking a picture of their butts. Of course Max laughed and raised his bum in the air and said, "Take a picture of my bum, mommy!"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our trip to the "Clarium"

That is Max's pronunciation of Aquarium :) We decided this weekend that since both Rich and I had Monday off that we would take the boys somewhere fun. Since Rich had his company party at the New England Aquarium, we figured this would be a good choice. And for the most part it was.

We planned to get there shortly after it opened because there was a discount before 10 and we figured it would be less crowded. Well, when wew got there it was POURING rain so me and the boys hopped out and ran into the tent they had outside for people to buy tickets. Well, this tent housed a line of people that took us 35 minutes to get through to buy tickets... and we were more than halfway through the tent to start! Kids were not too happy about this.

They did enjoy seeing a lot of the animals, the spiral 4 story tank is very cool. The windows allow you to look in and be surprised my animals sneaking in. The big Green eel scared the daylights out of Tim :) Here is a live web cam of the big tank that works during the day.

Anyway, when we left at 12,the line was out of the tent and across the little plaza that it is in... no way would I wait 1.5 hours in line for the Clarium! We took the boys to lunch and I have not ever seen them behave so well, in fact, I think the trick is to starve them after breakfast to get them to eat their lunches :) Just kidding!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Acupuncture and other stories...

Sorry its been a few days...

SO those of you who know me well now that I have struggled with Eczema for a long time. Well, it is flaring in full force lately. I've seen multiple dermatologists and tried a ton of things. Steroids usually clear it up for about a couple of weeks and then it comes back. I think that at least part of it is stress induced. SO I have decided to try acupuncture. I've had 2 treatments and it has been one of the best things that I have ever done! It is amazing to see the difference in some of the areas from just 20 minutes of treatment! If anyone wants to hear more, let me know!

Poor Sammy suffers, to a much lesser degree, from similar skin problems and I said to him the other day, "I'm sorry buddy, you get your skin problems from Mommy." TO which he replied, "Yeah, you need to stop touching me so much!" Too cute!

The kids have been good, yesterday was valentine's day parties at school which means that we have a bunch of cheap "goodie bag" items all over the place. But they are happy so in a few days when we are stepping on them, I'll toss them!

Today Max informed me that I was going to go to Auntie's (daycare) and he was going to go to work. I asked him if he was going to drive and he said, "Yes, I take the keys, put them in, and turn them. You sit in my seat and watch planet heroes." I then told him that he had to be 16 and he said he was :) It was very cute, but also a little scry that he sort of knows what to do in my car. Makes me think of those stories about 4 year olds driving their parents cars through the garage!!

Oh! I promised some pictures last time... Here they are

Sammy is definitely my hard-working stick to it kind of kid. That child was determined to shovel that heavy snow. Even nafter I called him in he said, "I just want to do one more row!"

Max ans Snowy sleeping! He's so darn cute!

Max has been learning to dress himself and usually he does a pretty good job... but this time the shirt went down instead of up :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's done!! Woo Hoo!

My 25 page paper is done! Handed it in yesterday and now I am school free until the fall! So now I'll be doing laundry, running, and doing other fun things in the evenings :)

I have a couple of pictures to post, I just have to download them off the camera... will do that soon!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Farewell to Green Fella

Well, we have had our first pet death (other than fish). Green Fella who was the newest member of the hermit crab family and Sammy found him outside his shell and not moving last night. Well, we waited to make sure that he wasn't just molting or moving shells. Well he hadn't moved since that time, so Rich threw him out.

Well, last night after we found him, Timmy was really upset. He tried to tell Max (since it was his crab) and Max said, "Who is Green fella." Which made Tim laugh, but really he was in tears. And he said to me, "But he wasn't even 1 year old". Poor kid.

He did get over it pretty quickly though! :)

As an addendum to my last post... As Max was screaming bloody murder last night (and yes the other 2 came out in tears because Max was scaring them) he then tells me that, "He wants to sleep with the froggies", not buggies, but froggies. We tried it and he wanted immediately back in his bed!

Ok, I'm off to soccer.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've become my parents....

We're having a little problem with Max staying in his bed when we put him there a night. He used to be fine with this, but not anymore, it takes 3-4 trips of him coming out to tell us, "something hurts" before he'll stay there. Well, I got fed up and told him that he was going to have to sleep in the breezeway. So I put him there and started to close the door, he cried and said he wanted to sleep in his bed. Finally, he stayed in bed.

But I distinctly remember growing up and hearing my brothers outside crying because my parents told them that they were going to have to sleep with the buggies. I see what my parents went through, but will likely start putting the gate back on the room instead.

Monday, February 4, 2008

So sad....

Well, that was a rough game to say the least and as you can all imagine, Timmy is taking i hard. He watched the whole game, cheered for all the good plays, complained about all the bad ones and in the end, he threw his hat and was in tears.

He has said that he is going to NY to get a Giants shirt because the Patriots suck. I guess we now have to teach him loyalty ;) I understand his upset and we'll have to work through hat :)

He did at least pull me aside because, "I don't want the boys to hear this, but the Patriots suck." I was glad he didn't want the younger boys to hear the word suck, but I also told him, I didn't want him to say it either :)

I let them sleep in this morning and they went to school 20 minutes late. I really hope they have good days!