Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Follow up to Sammy being a love

I found out yesterday (not from Sam, from another parent whose child is in Sam's class), that Sam was recognized in front of the whole school for returning the wallet.

Each Monday morning the kids all gather in the cafe-gym-atorium (yes, they use the gym for all three) to say their morning prayers. At the end of the prayers, the principal began to make a speech about a young man who deserves much praise. She called Sammy up in front of the whole school and told the story of the lost wallet (his teacher had told her). And they rewarded him a certificate.

He was funny because when he told me the story this morning, he said that he didn't realize that it was him she was talking about. He forgot all about it :)

Such a love... how much of a sap am I that I am teary-eyed as I type this!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sammy is such a love...

BUT here's how the story started...

Rich picked up the boys from the after school program and the first thing that Sammy said to him was, "Dad! some guy I don't know gave me $6 today!"

Rich said, "what?"
Sammy said, "Yeah, I was in the bathroom and" (Ok, right about here, Rich did a double take!)

But here is how the really story went. Apparently, Sammy went to the bathroom and while he was in there, he found a wallet. He brought it out to a janitor that he found in the hallway.

A while later, he and a couple of the boys were in the computer room when the teacher called him back. And there was a man standing there. The man introduced himself to Sam and told him what a responsible young man he was and rewarded him with $6.

I'm very proud of him and the choice he made. And now he sees the making good choices will get you rewarded!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Post-holiday routine

First I have to say that my lack of posting here is a result of more posting on facebook ;)

But let me catch you up...

Christmas was really good. We did Christmas eve at my in-laws and I have to say we did not leave there with an overflowing car :) And the kids were happy with what they got! I do have to say that I was freezing though. for a couple of weeks around then, I just couldn't get warm. I spent much of the time there on the couch under a blanket with a cup of tea :)

Christmas day, the deluge of presents that Santa left was much appreciated by the boys. We have dubbed this the ER-bound Christmas though as Max got a trampoline and skateboard, Tim got a skateboard ramp, and Sam got a pogo stick. Nothing has happened yet, but they are little boys!

Then, my family came over and we had a nice dinner and played a game after dessert. It was a nice day. But I also realized that my skin was flaring and my blood pressure was up. Called the doc the next day and he put me on the meds that I had been on previously and that helped. Now my skin was another story. It got so bad that I went to the dermatologist on Tues and demanded that he put me on an immunosuppressant that would help. And it is. I feel way more normal now! Skin is still very dry, but gets better everyday!

New years was really low key. The boys have a tradition of each getting a fancy glass of sparkling white grape juice and toasting before bed. But then I was in bed at 9:40 and poor Rich stayed up by himself. Next year will be better!

And now, yesterday was Tim's birthday. How have I been a parent for 9 years already? He has matured so much right before our eyes. He is getting pretty tall (wearing size 11-12 pants and size 7.5 mean's shoes). He is still very competitive when it comes to his sports (sometimes too competitive, but who am I to talk?), but he is more helpful and mature about situations.

We are going a sharks game on saturday night as his party. He is inviting 5 friends and we have seats up against the glass. Should be a lot of fun.

Ok, i should get to work!