Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Advent Show

Each year the school puts on an Advent show retelling the birth of Jesus. Each class sings songs and the older kids have parts in the play. This year, you will see that Tim was dressed up as the head shepherd. He had very little to do until the last song when he had to help one of the other shepherds (Our close friend, Charlie, who is in kindergarten.)

I did not include the video, but Charlie began to have trouble keeping his rope belt around his waist, holding, his sheep, and clapping all at the same time. Tim tried to help, but alas, poor Charlie ended up handing his sheep to "Joseph" so he could fix his belt and then proceeded to "spank" the sheep so that he could clap once his belt was up :)

Here are some other videos and images from the show:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Max's abc Christmas show

Each year the pre-k and kindergarten classes put on the ABC Christmas show. A telling of the birth of Jesus where they go through the alphabet. The children wear costumes and each have a letter to recite. This year, Max was the drummer boy and had letter 'V'.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Our tree is up...

This week has been sort of crazy.

We got our tree on Sunday, but didn't really do much more than get it in the stand because it was still wet and needed to open up some.

Then Monday I started some intro classes to a new gym called CrossFit. It seems intense, and it is, and everyone looks buff, but I absolutely loved it when I tried it the first time. You bust your butt while you are there and you do so many different things, it creates great results. Plus everyone does the same workout, so it adds a little competition to it, which I like :) Watch out, I'm gonna get stacked.

But those classes were Mon, Tues, and Thurs night this week.

We had s snow day on Wednesday which actually worked out great because the boys and I were able to decorate the tree. It looks pretty good if you ask me :) I then encouraged them to go outside and play, but they said it would be no fun if I didn't come out. (In my old age, I'm not enjoying the cold weather one bit). So they didn't go out. Do you know that once Rich got home and started shoveling, they all went outside and built a fort and played.

I took Thursday off and went in to be the 3rd grade mystery reader. It was very cute. The kids don't know who is coming in until they get there. You read them a book and then they get to interview a little bit. Tim thanked me about 4 times for coming in!

Now it is Friday and I have no motivation to do real work :) I'm leaving in a bit to get my haircut and then play soccer tonight :)

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Costumes... in December...

Have I mentioned how bad I am at crafty things? SO why is it that I said that I could create costumes for 2 children for their Christmas shows?

Before I get into that I need to relay a Sammy story. His class each created a thanksgiving card to their families. We opened Sammy's a few days late, but it basically said, "Dear Family, Can we not eat Turkey on Thanksgiving Day? I don't like turkey so we can we not have it this year? Love, Sammy" That kid is hysterical!

Anyway, on to costumes, Max is a drummer boy in his ABC christmas show. His letter is V. SO the teacher will read, "V is for Venite, the summons oh, come" and Max will respond, "Come praise him with harp and trumpet and drums." But I need to create the costume. So looking up information, it looks like I can get away with a white button down shirt, lederhosen (shorts and suspenders), a triangular hat (which I'll create out of felt) and a drum. I think I'm ok, but finding suspenders for a 4 year old proved impossible, so I bought adult ones that shorten quite a bit :)

Then Tim is a shepherd(possibly head shepherd) in the advent show. Luckily this just means a robe, a cloth for the top of his head and a rope around that cloth. THe sheep (stuffed) will be provided by the school. Now this wouldn't have been so hard since Tim needs a new robe anyway, BUT most boys robes have prints, they aren't really just plain color. SO eventually I found one and at a reasonable price, so now I just need to put everything together!

I really do love this season, but I feel like there is a ton going on this year and I don't have quite a good handle on it all yet :) I'll get there though!