Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer has begun

Well, I guess officially it has started, not that the weather would agree. At least it is nice-ish on the weekends.

The boys are home full time this summer with my friend, their gym teacher, Miss Goudy :) She also runs the after school program and runs a tight ship. She is the teacher that the kids love, but she doesn't take crap and expects you to follow the rules.

Well, I think Ms. Goudy may whip our boys into shape while we work this summer. We came home last night to find "chore" charts on the wall. Now, these chores are fairly easy compared to what my guess is others do. They need to take care of themselves, clean their rooms, take care of the pets, make their beds, follow the rules, and be kind. Oh! But the worst one for Tim... they have to eat fruits and veggies!!! They can only have 1 junk item a day. Tim is beside himself right now!

The only rule I am struggling with that I need to bring up with her is that everyone needs to finish before leaving the table. In theory, I like this idea, however, Max messes around most meals and half eats. So I'm not sure the other two should have to deal with that. I have to think on it more.

Otherwise, they hit the library and other activities during the week. I think that the boys will have fun, this week will just be a transition period ;) Next week, the two older boys get to go to baseball camp with the Worcester Torndaoes.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

School's out

Well, school has been out for a little over a week now. The older to attended the after school program until the end of the week, but are now home with a babysitter/my friend Jess.

Last week also ended an era for me and our family. Max had his last day at "auntie" Kathy's childcare. Timmy started her daycare on July 9, 2001 and that was one of the hardest day I think that I've had. He was 6 months old. I cried all the way to work.

Then Sam started with her on Dec, 1, 2002. It was a much easier transition this time. And then Max started in the middle of August 2005. I drove by, tossed him out of the car and continued to work (I'm obviously kidding here, but it gets easier).

And here I am 8 years later, in the same company, in the same house, with three children who will likely all be taller than me by the time they are 10. Time moves too quickly.

Enough of the sentimental story... here is a new Max story from last week.

Daycare was closed one day and my friend Len offered up his college daughter to watch Max for the day. While they were playing, he told her that the dog ate a crayon. So Alicia was worried about where so that she could clean it up and check the dog. She looked, but could find nothing so asked Max where again... he told her, "Oh, it was last week."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to reality...

This past weekend was my weekend away for graduation. Rich secretly talked with my sister and one of my best friends into taking me away for a weekend. I had to get involved in the planning some, but we ended up on Newport, RI.

So the plan was get going early on saturday and come back later on sunday to try and get a full weekend. On the way down we stopped at my cousin's high school graduation party (I feel like we just had her brother's party for goodness sake, and that was three years ago!). Then hit Newport Vineyards for a wine tasting before getting to the hotel.

After getting to the swanky hotel room we went and sat on the back deck with drinks for quite a while. This was incredibly relaxing. But eventually, we needed to eat dinner so drove over to downtown to hit Clarke's Cooke House. We saw some great parking spots but had to maneuver our way to them. UNfortunately they were gone when we got there, but there were two opening up. A lady in a huge suburban or something like that was waiting for one and we jumped to grab the other... which meant we sort of had to get in her way to get it....

SO we pull in and then she goes by us... huh? and rolls down her window and then everyone behind is looking at us as they drive by... so then we realize that we were complete jerks and totally just cut her off and stole her spot! Of course, we sit and deliberate on whether or not we should leave because she could come back and key the car. SO we leave and some other guy takes the spot... as we are driving up the hill the woman is walking down the hill and literally almost stops walking to watch us drive by!! But really, she looked too swanky to be the keying type :)

But we had a great time at dinner, where I proceeded to drink enough that I don't remember a couple of conversations and I saw two of the waiter who took our picture :) But not enough to get sick or have a hangover! Go me!

The next day, we had yummy breakfast and then walked the cliff walk for a while. It was really nice. We literally talked the entire weekend and to be honest none of us could remember about what. It was just what I needed....

... because this morning Max stayed home with a cold and I had to pick Sam up at noon because he had had a cold and fever... more on that later

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My evening yesterday...

I was in a training class all day yesterday (and today for that matter), but got out just in time to begin the evening.

Tim's playoffs have started and Sammy's season is just winding to a close, but both had games last night. Rich was awesome and left work early enough to get TIm to his game for 5:15.

So that left me to leave work at 4:45 (class ended on on time) and go get Max at daycare. We then went to the afterschool program to grab Sammy. I gave Sam his uniform so he could change while I ran up the hill to ge the dog from the vet. Picking up the dog took longer than expected so by the time I got Sam, Max and Lucy into the car, it was 5:54 and Sam was supposed to be at the field at 5:45 for his 6 pm game. So I flew to the field... only to find that Sammy was only the third player from his team to get there AND he didn't have his glove.

So I left him there with the 1 coach from his team and flew home (which was good because LUcy was groggy and was better off being at home) to get Sam's glove. I got back, they had started the scrimmage and Max headed for the playground. Ok, frazzling, but ok to this point.

Rich and I decided to switch games halfway so we could each see the playoff game. About 10 minutes before RIch gets there, Max says he has to go potty, so over to the porta-potty we go. He locks me out and does what ever 4 year olds can to fool around in there and comes out. He only pee'd. 2 minutes before rich gets there, Max comes running over... "I pooped in my pants!" Great, I don't have spares today, so he learned what the word commando means.

I then went to Timmy's game which turned out to be a nail biter... but I need to get back to class, so details on that later!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Parkerville school house

Tim's class had their second grade field trip last week. They have been learning all year about kids from about 100 years ago... so thinking about it now, about the time when my Granddad would have been a kid.

They learned about what kinds of toys they played with, clothes they wore, chores they had to do, and what school would have been like. Then they visited an old 1 room school house, they had to dress as kids back then would have, carry their lunches in pails, use slates, and horn books. Here is a picture of Tim's class... Tim is the second boy from the left... not sure if he was still upset that I made him bring his lunch in a pail and not in a bandana hung on a hobo stick...