Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where have I been?

Sorry, all, I didn't realize it had been so long since I have posted.

School has been going well for the boys. The after school program has left much to be desired (the old director is no longer there and we all loved her). But I have met with the principal and hopefully things will get better. Otherwise, it is back to routine. Max is adjusting to the long days, the poor things is exhausted at the end of the day despite rest time in his class. I have been putting him to bed at 7 these days because he needs a little extra sleep. But he is still a little boy, the other day he told me that one of the other moms has bigger boobs than me... excellent, he is noticing these things in pre-school, what is going to happen when he is in high school?

Tim and Sam are doing well, but I am already seeing the pressure that Tim puts on himself... he commented recently that he is unsure why he has only gotten 1 "100" so far this year. Tim is also doing a reading today in the school's re-dedication ceremony, I'm leaving work early to go see it.

Sammy is his usual smily self and is doing very well in school so far. His papers are all coming back with high marks and he likes his classmates!

We are still in high football season and the boys are playing fabulously. Tim had another 50 yard touchdown in the last game! And Sammy is blocking his line really well!

This week, we are surprising the boys with a long weekend trip to disney. They ahve no idea that we are picking them up early from school on thursday and heading straight for the airport! I can't wait to tell them!

Oh, and I won $5k on the radio yesterday. I heard three songs in a row by 1 artist and was caller # 14. Disney is paid for!! Well, and I am giving each boy $100. they are psyched!

Ok, I really should get back to work... my next post will likely be with pictures of disney!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Phew... what to say about Max. Anyone who spends any amount of time in the same area s Max knows that he is a whirlwind. He doesn't stop moving (nevermind talking) and his ears just don't seem to work sometimes!! But he says the sweetest things when you least expect it. I am never short on I love yous or "you're the prettiest prettiest prettiest mom in the world"

He seems to be liking school so far. He really likes a little boy named TJ. Apparently at recess the other day a kindergarten-2 girl (K-2 is 5 year olds and Max is in K-1, 4 year olds)... anyway, a little girl in K-2 was chasing Max and TJ around the yard barking at them and trying to snuggle them. He is so damn cute.

He is also doing very well with Karate. Like the other two boys he started karate over the summer and he has a blast. They really just do a lot of basics, but he really enjoys it.

Next week is his first full week of full-days at school and then he starts at the extended day program. Thank goodness that they have rest time in school because I am going to have one tired little boy on my hands!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of school and my birthday

Well, today was the first day... and I didn't cry. I'm not sure why. I was pretty sure that I was going to bawl that my baby was going to school, but I didn't. He was so big. He got in line and walked right in with his teacher. Other kids had to be pried off their parents.

I even got a chance to peek at his class because it is right by the front door and he looked so cute sitting in his seat with his classmates doing their art project :)

Plus today I am (as my Brother in law would say) tirty tree :) (We love you Philip!) I got the matching ring to my Tahitian pearl necklace... so pretty! And Tim made me listen to the song below from one of his favorite shows... goofy show, sweet sentiment that he made me listen to it: With a fixed link

I love you mom song

Pictures are below:

Monday, September 7, 2009

The first football game

On saturday the boys had their first real football game of the season. They played great and won 14-0. One touchdown was from a 40 yard run by Tim. Sam was awesome on the offensive line and stands his ground pretty well... as you can see in the second video. Some kid tries to tackle Sam and he just kind of looks at him like, "um excuse me?" By the way, Timmy is #46 and Sammy is #9.

Tomorrow is the start of school. Pictures to follow!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Six Flags

So we had a busy weekend. First on saturday we had Sammy's pool party. Now if you remember correctly, Saturday was a downpour. Well, we had it anyway and the boys DID go in the pool. BUt I made them get out in about 10 minutes before they froze to death.

Sunday we had the jamboree football game. It was really fun to see both TIm and Sam on the starting offense. Sammy was lining up against a boy about as big as TIm and did awesome. Tim as usual dominated anyone near him. At one point he carried the ball and the refs had to blow the whistle to end the play because 7 kids couldn't bring Tim to the ground.

Then yesterday I took the day off to take the boys to Six Flags. I hadn't been there in over 8 years and the boys really wanted to go. SO we met my dad and brother and off we went. We had an awesome time!! The boys did coasters they had never done and since it wasn't took packed we got on all the rides we wanted... at the end I made them sit for a cariacture: