Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nothing new

Nothing really new here! Wed night Rich and I went out with our friend Jeff and his girlfriend so that we could meet her. We had a great time and she seemed really nice. :) Not quite what I expected, but still nice to see him holding hands with someone. He is a really good guy so I'm am happy that he's happy!

Tonight was soccer and we won. Lots of fun, but still means that I have to run 5 miles tomorrow.

Holy cow, I totally forgot, I'm going skydiving on Sat. with my friend Ellen. I am so totally psyched. Ellen was trying to get a bunch of people to go, but it looks like just her and I and I can't wait. Technically, Ellen works for me, but we totally click (her husband is an even crazier bike racer than Rich :) ). I love hanging out with her, so we should have a ton of fun on Sat.

I'll totally post pictures if I can:)

Ok, off to fold the fun!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sammy!!

Today, Sammy turns 5. Poor kid was home running to various doctor's offices with me, but he didn't seem to mind too much. But he certainly wasn't sick because he was an absolute crazy man today... i guess he was making up for how tired he was yesterday!

So we saw the hand doctor for Tim and he has a moldable plastic cast/splint that he'll have to wear for the next 2 weeks. He is very bummed out that he can't ride his bike until its healed. But he does love to tell the story and makes sure that anyone we see has a clear view of his hand so he can tell them what happened :)

So it was a long day, but of course Sammy kept us laughing. When we were getting out of the car at Tim's doctors I told Sammy to bring the I Spy book so he would have something to do. And he told me, "No, that won't entertain me. Do we have anything that will entertain me?" I pretty much told him the book was it and he choose to leave it.

So they were little hellions in the waiting room, but once we moved into the exam room, Sammy was sitting on my lap and Timmy was next to me. Well I poked Sammy in the side a couple of times and told him it was Tim. To which he certainly did not believe me. But then I told him that Timmy was like Dash from the Incredibles and pulled his broken finger out of the sling, poked him, and put it back so fast that he never saw it. So I keep poking him and we're all giggling, so Sammy then says, "Now, THIS is entertaining me!!" It was so damn cute.

Anyway, I'm gonna log off and relax!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

It's always something...

You all know that though. I can talk to anyone reading this blog to know that we all deal with the crap that life rolls to us each day, but I need to complain for a few minutes :)

Work has been crazy, and this week I am virtually the only manager in the office. Well, at 1:40 today the camp called to tell me that Timmy jammed his finger and that it was bruised and swollen so I should probably come get him to have it x-rayed. After sitting there for an hour, I get a call from daycare saying that Sammy is sick. Great! I tell her that one of us will get there as soon as we can, but I don't know when that will be.

So long story, short... Timmy has a fractured finger (hairlines) but I still need to bring him to the hand doctor tomorrow. Plus I have to bring Sammy to the pediatrician as pretty much everyone in daycare has been sick.

Plus to add to it, Daycare is closing early on Friday and is closed on Monday and Tuesday next week. Then Wed is a half day for the first day of school! So I will hopefully get to work on Wed. and Thurs. and then again next Thurs. Add to that, somehow between now and then I need to have all my light treatments and get the car is for its 30000 mile service since the oil hasn't been changed in 5000 miles or so!

Ugh! Sorry this isn't a fun post, but I needed to vent for a minute!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

the things kids say...

Ya know, I can always count on Sammy and even Max to tell my I look pretty if I get dressed up. For that matter, Max will tell me I have pretty pajamas no matter what they look like. Sammy is usually good about it when I dress up. But tonight after dinner, I sat back in my chair (we ate outside, so the chairs allowed me to really lounge) and Sammy says, "Mommy, you have a fat belly!" Rich told him it wasn't a nice thing to say and Sammy said, "what, it looks a little fat." I gotta love him, but it could be a lot worse. I may be about 15 pounds above where I want to be, but I also have to remind myself how far I've come. There is a reason that I keep trying to run. Now I just need to put my eating together with the exercise. Here is a before and after picture.

Me, My sister, and second cousin Julie

Rich and I at the Snowball event

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My feet hurt...

Well, my day started a long time ago and I am exhausted!! The party went really well although I didn't get to socialize with really anyone because I was running around so much. We had some of Sam's friends here as well as a group of our friends that we hadn't seen for a while along with family. As usual somehow we manage to have one of the hottest days of the year to have a party :)

the kids pretty much worked themselves into a sweat in the bouncy thing and then all went in the pool. We also did the pull string method of the pinata (Sammy's choice). Then we had cake, opened presents, and went in the pool again. All in all, we had a great time! But like, I said, my feet are killing me... and I'm supposed to run long tomorrow night!!

Here are some pictures:

Max's diaper was so full of pool water that it was pulling down his bathing suit!

Auntie Les and Max during present opening time!
That is one of the cutest pictures of Sam's smiles that I have ever seen. It was so good for Sammy to be the special one for once!
Here he is standing on the picnic table to shout Thank You to everyone!

This would be Timmy on granpa's shoulders in the pool. you can't see it, but he has given grandpa a hairdo like the Flock of Seagulls group of the 80's.

So, the kids came in and we fed them whatever they wanted for dinner which was a waffle for Max, a hot dog for Sam, and a bowl of corn pops for Tim. Ultimately, we put Max in bed at 7 and the other 2 into our room to relax and at 7:15 Tim came and asked if he could go to bed. Which was all fine and good until a minute or so ago when I heard a huge thud in the house. Tim fell out of his bed!!

Hopefully, they sleep late tomorrow!!!

OK, I must be crazy...

I think that the saturday morning that I decide to get up at 5:20 and go for a run (after I just ran last night) makes me officially crazy. For those of you who know me really well, you also know that I need my sleep or I turn into a really grumpy mean person. But today I did, I got up and went for a run since I didn't run twice last night like the rest of my running group and figured I better try running twice close together before the Reach the Beach relay I'm doing in 3 weeks!

It wasn't bad, the sun was just coming up, but it was already 70 and muggy. Plus I brought the dog, which is really good for her, but makes the run just a little bit harder because I have to go a route where she can poop and I don't have to pick it up. then I came home to wake up RIch who was going to go for a ride from 6-7, but after I woke him up, he changed his mind and went back to bed. (I guess its ok since he ran an 8.2 mile route and then a 3.75 mile route last night. ( i preferred the mimosas to the second run :) )

Well, today is the big birthday party. It is supposed to be sunny, but it is also going to be really hot and we don't have air conditioning. Luckily the pool will be open and we can set up a sprinkler. Pictures of that to follow!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

missing soccer tonight :(

So, I'm a little bummed out. My soccer game was supposed to be tonight at 9, which normally wouldn't be a big deal. But tonight Rich had a follow up class from his summer class. The professor originally said it would be about 1.5 hours and it started at 6:30. Meaning if it was on time, the second that it ended and Rich got home, I'd fly out the door and get to the game with few seconds to spare.

Well, he called at 7:50 to day that they were running wicked late. I'm so bummed. I was really looking forward to this because I didn't exercise today and I ate a bunch of crap so I really wanted to play.

Just an FYI, I'm really whiny right now :)

In any case, I am trying to clean up the house for the party this weekend, but I totally don't feel like it. I was hoping that the cleaning people would be able to come tomorrow too, but we never got a message that they could do it! :(

Sorry this isn't my usual fun, silly kid story post! Tomorrow will be better!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a typical morning...

Most mornings include lots of chasing of Max, making of breakfast, and getting everyone dressed and out the door. Of course this morning, the boys had me laughing at the things they do.

It started in the bathroom where Max typically spends most of his morning driving me nuts while I try to spend 15 minutes putting on makeup and doing my hair. This morning he started taking everything off the shelf below the sink and throwing it on the floor. So I made him pick it up himself. This included a box of panty liners, which he decided to examine by taking one out. I took it away and put it back and went back to doing my hair. Next thing I know Max is walking out of the bathroom bent over holding his knee and he then says, "I have band-aid." To which I find he is holding a panty liner across his knee. Not quite the intended use, but I guess it could work!

Then later, the boys are playing with their poke balls. hard plastic balls that open up in half. Well, Sammy walks into the kitchen with one held across his chest and says, "Look Mommy, I have boobies." To which Max picked up and walked around the house saying, "Sammy have boobies".

These boys are into boobies way too early in life. A week or so ago, Tim was trying to look down my bathing suit and said something about having boobies. To which he then started singing (over and over again I might add), "Mommy has boobies in the shower!" Of course the tune was so catchy that Sammy started in too and every once in a while for the rest of the day, they would just start in with their song. Luckily, every time they did, we were at home!!

Ok, I have more pictures to post, but they are on the other computer, so I'll do it soon!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Honey!!

So I have to start by saying birthday to the cause of the "My three sons" blog ;)

Happy birthday to a wonderful man who works hard to take care of us, to make our house better with his many projects, and who is a great father and hubby! I love you, babe!

I give him a ton of credit as we took him to Texas Roadhouse and when they brought him dessert they rolled out the sawhorse with a saddle and made him ride it while the whole resturant yelled, "Yee Haw!!" The oldest 2 thought it was great, but the baby cried :( Poor thing. Everytime I said Yee Haw after that he looked around for the waitresses :) He did blow a kiss to our waitress though, so he couldn't have been that tramatized :)

Other than that we had a busy weekend, but we did all survive :) I even scoured our playroom and tried to get rid of a ton of stuff. SO it actually looks good now. Just trying to get ready for the party this weekend!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

How do Stay at home mom's do it?

It is only saturday morning and I am dying to go back to work already. Work is chaotic, but I don't have to chase anyone around, break up fights, or clean up a messy kitchen table there. I truly, truly do not know how my mother did it. I have such a huge respect for Stay at home moms now because I could just NEVER do it! I love my kids to death, but it is so hard!

I guess things may be a little different today in that, I am more hesitant to just send the kids outside and let them run free, especially on their bikes. Back when we were kids, my mom pretty much told us to go outside and play and that's what we did. We had friends next door and across the street and so we always had someone to play with. BUt with increased awareness around kids being taken today, maybe I'm over protective, but I just couldn't send the kids outside in the front yard by themselves until this summer. Not Max, unfortunately, I can't send him out on his own yet. But I can't wait!

Luckily for us we are headed to a birthday party for my niece in about 5 minutes and then we have a sitter tonight so that we can go for dinner at my boss's house. It should be fun and will be even better for socializing without the kids!

Off we go...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dinner out...

Someone please tell me why we ever dare to take the kids out to dinner? We had a ton of errands to run tonight, so of course that meant dinner out with the kids. We actually did pretty good, Rich and Timmy hit the bike store for Timmy's new bike (his reward for learning how to ride without training wheels.) Then we hit BJ's and Pizzeria Uno's.

Taking tired children to dinner at a restaurant is just not a brilliant idea. For once they actually ate their dinners, but of course they fought and they threw fits, Max had to go to the bathroom at least 3 times. And mommy really needed a couple of drinks!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

6-7:30 am or pm... doesn't matter which

Ok, this is the 1 and a half each day that my life is most hectic!! This is when I am trying to get the kids dressed, fed, and out of the house (in addition to myself) OR getting them home, making them dinner, letting them play, and bathed (sometimes), and finally to bed!!

Max is driving me bananas. If he gets up before I shower, he comes in and out of the bathroom and eventually makes his way out to the playroom to antagonize his brothers!!

Then at night, he is just a crazy man. He doesn't like to eat his dinner and then does not stay in bed at all. Once he is asleep, he's not bad, but he know that he can manipulate us. All he has to do is come out of his room and say, "Have a need go potty." And since we are working on the potty training, we'll bring him and and let him sit. Sometimes he goes, more often, he doesn't. GRR!!

Anyway, time to put the other 2 to bed and head to my soccer game!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

couple of days...

Nothing really exciting has been happening lately, so I haven't been posting :) Yesterday was just a plain old busy day. Today was busy, but then I went running when I got home. Sammy even came and ran about 1.2 with me. Granted it was 2 .6 loops with a short break in between, but he was doing it faster than I was. What's up with that?

I do have one cute story which kind of reminds me of a story my dad used to tell me about me and learning the alphabet. In any case, one of Max's favorite books right now is a called, "How do Dinosaurs Say goodnight?" by Jane Yolen. We've read it so many times that I can read the beginning of the sentence and he can finish it. For example, one of the pages is, "Does a dinosaur stomp his feet on the floor and shout, 'I want to hear one book more." So I will say the first part, and Max will answer, "I want one book more". Well, the following is a page in the book and more often than not, I will begin by saying, "Does a dinosaur..." and wait for Max to answer "ROAR!!". But no, not Max, he answers, "scare the daddy". Because in the picture the daddy is covering his ears :) It is awfully cute.

Actually, I love this series of books, so if anyone is looking for gifts for Max, he has say goodnight and clean his room, but there are others that would be good for him, someday!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer days

We had a fairly fun day today. The morning was tough because Max is just at such a tough age and he is pretty much attached to me. Rich was really good though because he came home from his run, got cleaned up, and took the boys on some errands for an hour or so to give me a break. So that was really nice.

Then we played outside for a while, where Timmy has turned into a crazy man on his bike. I'm so glad that he is loving it!!

Finally we headed out to Rich's Gram's 80th birthday party. It was really a lot of fun, but it really is hard to talk to everyone that you want to when you are chasing the kids around. I meant to talk to my sister in law and see how she and my niece were after a car accident the other day, but Evie was her usual non-stop self, so I guess they're ok!

The boys swam and Timmy had a blast playing with a bunch of his older cousins. Damn there are a lot of boys in that family. But in any case, we did have a lot of fun and it was a gorgeous day. Now we have three more birthday parties to go to in the next couple of weeks, including Sammy's :)

I do have a cute video to share soon of the boys dancing!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Bath time...

Why can't they understand that the water belongs IN the tub???

I put a couple of the boys in the tub tonight and started to get them cleaned up. They then grab the 2 little cups (bath toys) that we have in there and start tossing water. Most of it stayed in the tub the first, well, the second time, I am bent over the tub to clean up Max and he chucks water over his head and out of the tub... onto my head and my entire back. So now, I'm soaked and so is the floor and bath mat!! arg!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Great visit and funny pictures...

Yesterday I had a great visit from one of my best friends. She is one of the small group of friends that I keep in touch with from college. This group of friends is the type where we email each other each week or so (sometimes a little less), and get together only maybe every 6 months or so. But even with distance and time between interaction, we can get together like we've seen each other yesterday. No matter what we know that the other is there for us no matter what.

So, that being said, it was so great to see Nik, Rob and their little girl Katie. I can safely say that Sammy will be the cradle robber when he grows up. He totally took to her and she just loved him, crying at the gate when he was sent to his room! Here's a couple of pictures:

I also had meant to post the following picture. It is from StoryLand and me and the boys went on the flume ride... you might want to click on this picture to see a bigger image so you can see the looks on all their faces :) And they are the ones that begged me to go on!

Ok, soccer tonight!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Watch what you say... and do!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I developed a horrible cold and felt miserable. I left work to come home and take nap, but the dog has figured out how to get through the gate, so was a total pain, so I never did get to sleep. Then I went to pick up the boys and came home to make dinner. I couldn't even get through that, my face was so congested that my teeth hurt and I was literally in tears. Even the boys told me to go to bed. So I took Nyquil and went to bed at 7 pm last night.

I was better this morning, but still a little foggy and short on patience. Well, Max pretty much used up any patience I had when I was trying to dress him, and I got fed up, swatted him on the butt (nope, not a spank just a swat), and put him in his bed and told him time out. Well he jumped up and got dressed real quick. Then when we were leaving he has this new thing of ringing the doorbell and saying, "Lucy bark!" The doorbell drives her nuts, so I told him, "No!" and swatted him on the butt again.

Well, he stopped where he was, got very serious, and said, "Mama!! You no hit Max's bum anymore!" Well, I guess he told me!

Well, later today while I was getting dinner ready, I hear him down the hallway sitting on the potty. Well he was reading his book and suddenly, I hear him say, "Damn book." And while I am not positive that is what he was saying, I'm pretty certain that it is! Luckily, neither Rich nor I say anything more graphic than that!!

In other news, tomorrow, one of my best friends from college is coming over for dinner. She lives in CA, so we don't get to see her often enough. I can't wait to play with her little one as I haven't seen her since she was about 6 months old! Woo Hoo!

Ok, off to figure out my own dinner. I'm back on the Weight watcher wagon (I even weighed in today) and need to get back on track, however, we don't have anything point friendly in the house! HMMM... does champagne count as dinner?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

We've hit another milestone...

Well, yesterday we talked about giving Tim his own room. Well, I've spent today (yes, the entire day) cleaning out the rooms buying stuff that they needed and giving TIm his own room. I have moved everything that was a baby item out of the room, including the high chair which is now located in my living room. Hopefully I can sell it soon!

I have changed all of their sheets, cleaned out Max's closet and moved as much of Tim's toys and books into his new room. He is now experiencing a clean room (it is by far the cleanest in this house and is trying to keep it that way by taking any toy (even if its his) and putting it back in Sammy's room. I told him that I appreciate him wanting to keep it clean, but he can't do it that way. So when I went in later I found any toy he didn't want thrown in the closet. Apparently the trait of cleaning your room by bulldozing everything into the closet is passed down from adult and not learned!

Now we are just waiting to pick up the pizza and then I am going running... tonight is a long run.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

It's been a long day... but it was fun!

Today, we went to Canobie Lake park for Rich's company outing. It was a little odd because we really didn't see many of the people that he works with, other than seeing his boss and a few others at the lunch before we went off and started hitting rides. I tried to take pictures, but the camera battery died when I was taking the first one.

I've never been to Canobie Lake and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. There were a ton of people there, but the lines weren't too long and there was definitely a great mix of rides for both adults and the kids. The entire family got to hit rides that they enjoyed. We were there from 12-6 and probably could've stayed even longer if we weren't all exhausted at that point.

Couple of funny stories from today. This morning I was leaning over Max wearing a tank top with a built in shelf-bra, which most people should know really doesn't support anything!. Well, he starts pulling it down in the middle exposing my cleavage and suddenly there is a flash. Sammy happened to be playing with his digital camera right at that point. Thank God he can't aim a camera to save his life!!

Then as we are walking out of dinner, the area smelled like sewage and out of no where Timmy says, "who farted?" and Sammy says, I know, " it totally smells like Mommy's farts! Woo! It is hot and stinky!" Lovely, thanks Sammy!

Ok, I need to relax now!

Friday, August 3, 2007

No funny stories today...

Sorry, no truly funny stories from today. Work was work and the boys were the boys. The heat on the other hand is killing me. I really need for this to break. my poor boys just sweat their butts off. Most nights I think of my mom, some nights I go in and turn off their fans because by morning the boys are freezing (we have really good window fans). And I always think of a story that mom used to tell of her doing the same thing and me sitting up in bed and sleep-talking.

Funny thing is, sammy totally got my talking in your sleep. The boys are always fighting or yelling, or giggling in their sleep :)

Ok, as I type this, the wind has totally picked up and we are gearing up for a thunderstorm, so I'll type more later... plus I have more pictures to post!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Quick check-in

Busy busy here lately. I had a couple of soccer games tonight (playoffs) and it was so stinking hot in that place. I really can't stand the heat at night. I don't like to sleep when its this hot and we never did put any of the air conditioners in. I really feel bad for the boys too... they sweat so much.

Sammy is doing well... so well that he forgets that anything was done. Which means that he is running, jumping, and going down the slide on his belly! We have to keep reminding him that he has to be careful!

Rich got his splint off today and all looks good. He is stiff and a little sore, but at least he can exercise, which should make for a much happier husband!!

OK, I'm sweating by the computer, so I'm off to bed!