Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christmas Lists

The boys are starting early (which is good) in writing their Christmas lists. And I have to say that fulfilling them is definitely going to be a challenge this year... for different reasons for each kid!

Tim is really hard right now. We had a discussion last night about how he wants an iPod Nano, not the shuffle. And I told him that Santa only spends $200 on each kid (Ok, maybe a bad mommy move) and that if he got an iPod that he wouldn’t get a ton of other stuff. So he got sad about that. I had to tell him that as you get older you get more expensive gifts, but fewer of them. And I don’t think he liked that much.

My other problem is that I have to get Sam the same thing that I get Tim. sO now I am searching ebay to try and find deals on nanos (or deals on the other stuff that I am getting them!)

And Sam has some crazy stuff on his list, that is not likely to happen. For example, there are these silly necklaces that he gets out of vending machines for 50 cents. His list includes 200 of those. It also includes 120 basketball cards (more doable) and 35 DS games (which run at $20-$40 a piece). He also wants multiple wallets so that he can have one for buying Celtics stuff, one for buying other stuff and one for saving. (creative idea i guess, at least he is thinking about partitioning his money out some).

And Max is just tough because there aren't a ton of toys that I think he'll really play with consistently. We have so many toys in our house that really just cause clutter.

Oh well, I'm sure Santa will figure it out for me, right?

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JSmith5780 said...

Not sure if you'll find any deals on Nanos. Maybe on Black Friday. Apple controls the price REALLY well. The only thought would be to get the coupons off the Toys R Us fliers. That'll save you $10 on each. I know, I know, not much, but better than nothing!

The boys are getting a Wii this year so they will feel the crunch with less under the tree too!

I cringe when people ask about toys. We just have so much already. I am pushing people towards Legos this year I think. At least it'll allow the kids to be creative. Although you'll probably hear me swearing from here when I step on them :)