Friday, March 19, 2010

Cross curricular fair

Last night was the boys cross curricular fair. Each class in the school has a theme and they work on projects related to that theme. The boys were:

K-1: Ocean Life

2: old American school days

3: endangered animals

They all did very well on their projects, but Sammy continues to crack us up. Each family got a letter from the Pony express. Here is what our letter from Sam said,

" March 1810
Dear Mom and Dad,
I personally think that children today poems are the best, but it is your opinion. I also think you will like the hand flags. Also, you mite want to checkout my silhouette cause I think it is a good looking kid. Also I want you to checkout the pictures from today and the picture from back than. Thank you for taking the time from your day to come see this presentation.

Most of what he is referring to are the projects that they did as part of this study. But he is a good looking kid!

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