Monday, June 21, 2010

HIT tournament

Timmy is playing for the 9 year old All star tournament baseball team this summer. (which takes up the whole summer with tournaments, but is good for him :) )

The first tournament was here in Hudson, where they had three games, plus Rich worked grounds crew and I worked in the food shack. (yes it was a very long weekend!)

Timmy played great!! His first at bat, he hit a triple out to center field. He plays mostly third base, shortstop or first. Here is a short montage from one of the games from this weekend.

I'm sure that I'll post more from the districts and states.

Note, I am an awful videographer when my kids do well... in the short video clip here, you'll see Tim bat. He hit a 2 run double out to center field (we were down and rallying at this point.) Well, you'll se ehim hit and then you'll here me screaming... and no longer actually taping Tim :)

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JSmith5780 said...

Time to teach Sam (or Max) how to videotape!! :)