Monday, December 15, 2008

Survived the storm

Yes, we did survive the storm, however, our basement didn't fare as well.

At about 4:10 Tim woke us up to tell us he had a bad dream. As he was heading back to bed, the power flickered. We went back to sleep until about 4:45 when we woke up to the sump pump alarm going off. And Tim was back in our room because he was scared that the power was out.

Well, Rich went down to find an inch of water already in the workshop room and coming down the hallway towards the finished part. So he woke me up and we started getting everything off the floor that we could. Only the furniture, entertainment center, and foosball table remained. And Rich was one of the first in line at 6 am at Home Depot to get a generator.

By the time he got back at 6:30, if you walked in the finished part of the room you could feel the buoyancy of the floor tiles. Now, the floor we used is dri-core with carpet tiles on top. Needless to say, the generator got the sump pump caught up to the water, but the damage was pretty much done. :( He spent most of the weekend ripping it up so we could dry it out. Still waiting to hear back from the insurance company.

The rest of the day was mostly spent entertaining bored children. I did get to go to lunch with my work group though while Rich took them to lunch for a while. We were just about to light a fire as the sun was going down when I noticed that the neighborhood up the hill had power. And in about 15 minutes, ours was back on too. So, all in all, we were one of the lucky ones. My sister-in-law is still without power in Oxford, and one of the daycare families was told it will be 2 weeks before they get theirs.

Hope everyone else is wel!

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