Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Got the sickness...

I do realize that most of my posts are about Max. He is the one I am with the most (he is always around me) while the other two like their own space. And I'm not sure that you all want to hear that I have an 8 year old who gives me attitude like a teenager. :)

But Max is sick. Poor kid. I had to pick him up from daycare yesterday because he had a temp of 102.4. Well that continued, especially from 3:45 - 4:30 this morning when I had the equivalent of a hot water bottle cuddled up in bed next to me. I'll call the doctor later to see if they'll check him for strep. Yesterday they told me to wait three days, but this is ridiculous, I need to work, so I'll be having him checked today.

He is home with my summer nanny right ow and I'll relieve her when she has to go entertain my other two in the after school program :) But at least this way, we can both take a nap.

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