Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My baby is growing up!

Today I ended up working from home so that I could go to a couple of appointments for the boys.

First, this morning was Max's evaluation for the preschool at St. Michael's. He is dying to go to Mrs. Hurley's class. Last night, he told Rich that he was going to have to wear a school shirt. I'm glad he is already ok with wearing a uniform! Then when we pulled up to the building, he said, "ok, Mom, I'll go in by myself, you go drive home." I had to tell him that we aren't quite at that point yet :) And then he checked to make sure that I brought his backpack... again, not at that point yet :)

Mrs. Hurley said that he did great... I sat outside the room eavesdropping and tearing up at how good he was doing!

Then this afternoon, we had a parents meeting about first communion. Tim makes first communion on April 26. It sounds like they do a lot to make this an easy ceremony for the kids in. In fact, they have a retreat where they teach them a bunch of what to expect, including tasting the host (unblessed of course) and learning to drink from the cup. And they can't learn with grape juice, they learn with the wine so they know what to expect.

Ok, off to do some homework or work!

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