Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mom... what does sex mean?


Why are there no good websites telling us how to approach this with an 8 year old? (I'm still looking though).

Yes apparently the 5th graders saw something in health today about sex. So Timmy asked tonight what sex means. I stumbled a bit and Rich was no help. We did tell him that we were stumbling because it is an adult thing.

I told him that it is when two people love each other and it is how you make babies.

So he asked why the 5th graders saw it and I said well, in 5th grade you might start thinking about kissing girls.

So he asked if his friends older brother (the fifth grader) was gonna kiss a girl. I said maybe someday!

I think I'll find some better ways to talk about it and address it again tomorrow!


1 comment:

JSmith5780 said...

In my house...

Austin- what is sex?

Me- uhhh.... Who wants candy?

That would be my way around it :)