Thursday, May 14, 2009

Of Mother's Day and baseball

This past weekend was very nice. Really busy day on Saturday as I spent 6 hours at the baseball fields watching Sammy and Timmy play. Tim had a double header and they won both games! It is amazing to watch his team progress... and Tim is just surprising us left and right. He is one of the youngest kids in the league and is holding his own. In last night's game he hit a ball into the outfield and pitched as the closer and struck out their final batters to end the game.

What impressed me most was his tenacity to do well for his team. A couple of kids were down on themselves for striking out (almost in tears, as he put it) and on the last better (the pitcher) Tim turned to his third baseman and said, "Hey Nuke, I'll take this guy down,1-2-3 for ya". And he threw the heat (according to Rich anyway, I wasn't actually here) and struck him out. Despite being really competitive, he is a great team player!

Sammy's team is slightly different, I think a lot of it has to do with coaching and personality. Sammy has a lot of raw talent, but not as much drive as Tim. In Sat's game Sammy was on third base and ready to come home, but while they were pitching, Sammy was running circles around his base :)

Then on Sunday, we went to my sister-in-law's for brunch and then to RIch's grandmother's. THen by that point my allergies were kicking in full force, so I took a nap! I really don't think that if it were any other day, I wouldn't have gotten a nap :) Then I made us a nice dinner.

More baseball this week and another busy saturday!

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Happy Belated Birthday Max!!!