Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer has begun

Well, I guess officially it has started, not that the weather would agree. At least it is nice-ish on the weekends.

The boys are home full time this summer with my friend, their gym teacher, Miss Goudy :) She also runs the after school program and runs a tight ship. She is the teacher that the kids love, but she doesn't take crap and expects you to follow the rules.

Well, I think Ms. Goudy may whip our boys into shape while we work this summer. We came home last night to find "chore" charts on the wall. Now, these chores are fairly easy compared to what my guess is others do. They need to take care of themselves, clean their rooms, take care of the pets, make their beds, follow the rules, and be kind. Oh! But the worst one for Tim... they have to eat fruits and veggies!!! They can only have 1 junk item a day. Tim is beside himself right now!

The only rule I am struggling with that I need to bring up with her is that everyone needs to finish before leaving the table. In theory, I like this idea, however, Max messes around most meals and half eats. So I'm not sure the other two should have to deal with that. I have to think on it more.

Otherwise, they hit the library and other activities during the week. I think that the boys will have fun, this week will just be a transition period ;) Next week, the two older boys get to go to baseball camp with the Worcester Torndaoes.

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