Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My evening yesterday...

I was in a training class all day yesterday (and today for that matter), but got out just in time to begin the evening.

Tim's playoffs have started and Sammy's season is just winding to a close, but both had games last night. Rich was awesome and left work early enough to get TIm to his game for 5:15.

So that left me to leave work at 4:45 (class ended on on time) and go get Max at daycare. We then went to the afterschool program to grab Sammy. I gave Sam his uniform so he could change while I ran up the hill to ge the dog from the vet. Picking up the dog took longer than expected so by the time I got Sam, Max and Lucy into the car, it was 5:54 and Sam was supposed to be at the field at 5:45 for his 6 pm game. So I flew to the field... only to find that Sammy was only the third player from his team to get there AND he didn't have his glove.

So I left him there with the 1 coach from his team and flew home (which was good because LUcy was groggy and was better off being at home) to get Sam's glove. I got back, they had started the scrimmage and Max headed for the playground. Ok, frazzling, but ok to this point.

Rich and I decided to switch games halfway so we could each see the playoff game. About 10 minutes before RIch gets there, Max says he has to go potty, so over to the porta-potty we go. He locks me out and does what ever 4 year olds can to fool around in there and comes out. He only pee'd. 2 minutes before rich gets there, Max comes running over... "I pooped in my pants!" Great, I don't have spares today, so he learned what the word commando means.

I then went to Timmy's game which turned out to be a nail biter... but I need to get back to class, so details on that later!

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JSmith5780 said...

Whqat is it with your boys and going commando. I seem te remember Tim learning that at the WPI reunion in 2003!