Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So our mornings tend to be a little hectic. Rich gets lunches made before he leaves, but then it is up to me and the boys to get ourselves dressed and fed in the morning. It usually ends up with me nagging them to do what they need to do so we aren't late.

Except for Sam... he is always so good about doing what he needs to do in the morning. In fact all the boys are responsible for figuring out what they want to eat and then mostly getting it. I'll help as necessary. Tim and Sam are even in charge of reading the directions on whatever is that they need to cook.

Well, this morning Sam read the box for his frozen french toast sticks. It said, 2-3 minutes. So he put the microwave on 2 minutes 30 seconds. Well, when we all went back into the kitchen we saw smoke coming out of the microwave and opened it to find a fairly charred piece of french toast.

Turns out that it was supposed to go in a toaster oven not a microwave oven.

Poor kid, he felt bad, and now we all smell awful. I'm just hoping that the cleaning people don't think that the house is on fire when they come in :)

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JSmith5780 said...

What is it with the middle child?? Ben is by far my easiest too!