Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Post-holiday routine

First I have to say that my lack of posting here is a result of more posting on facebook ;)

But let me catch you up...

Christmas was really good. We did Christmas eve at my in-laws and I have to say we did not leave there with an overflowing car :) And the kids were happy with what they got! I do have to say that I was freezing though. for a couple of weeks around then, I just couldn't get warm. I spent much of the time there on the couch under a blanket with a cup of tea :)

Christmas day, the deluge of presents that Santa left was much appreciated by the boys. We have dubbed this the ER-bound Christmas though as Max got a trampoline and skateboard, Tim got a skateboard ramp, and Sam got a pogo stick. Nothing has happened yet, but they are little boys!

Then, my family came over and we had a nice dinner and played a game after dessert. It was a nice day. But I also realized that my skin was flaring and my blood pressure was up. Called the doc the next day and he put me on the meds that I had been on previously and that helped. Now my skin was another story. It got so bad that I went to the dermatologist on Tues and demanded that he put me on an immunosuppressant that would help. And it is. I feel way more normal now! Skin is still very dry, but gets better everyday!

New years was really low key. The boys have a tradition of each getting a fancy glass of sparkling white grape juice and toasting before bed. But then I was in bed at 9:40 and poor Rich stayed up by himself. Next year will be better!

And now, yesterday was Tim's birthday. How have I been a parent for 9 years already? He has matured so much right before our eyes. He is getting pretty tall (wearing size 11-12 pants and size 7.5 mean's shoes). He is still very competitive when it comes to his sports (sometimes too competitive, but who am I to talk?), but he is more helpful and mature about situations.

We are going a sharks game on saturday night as his party. He is inviting 5 friends and we have seats up against the glass. Should be a lot of fun.

Ok, i should get to work!

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