Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Follow up to Sammy being a love

I found out yesterday (not from Sam, from another parent whose child is in Sam's class), that Sam was recognized in front of the whole school for returning the wallet.

Each Monday morning the kids all gather in the cafe-gym-atorium (yes, they use the gym for all three) to say their morning prayers. At the end of the prayers, the principal began to make a speech about a young man who deserves much praise. She called Sammy up in front of the whole school and told the story of the lost wallet (his teacher had told her). And they rewarded him a certificate.

He was funny because when he told me the story this morning, he said that he didn't realize that it was him she was talking about. He forgot all about it :)

Such a love... how much of a sap am I that I am teary-eyed as I type this!

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