Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us...

Today is our tenth anniversary! It sometimes boggles my mind that we have been married for 10 years and we're both still so young... it is unusual now!

13 years ago today, I met Rich on a blind date. One of his best friends was dating one of my sorority sisters and she hooked us up... and despite his friends' first impression of me (he thought to himself, "This is never gonna work!" the second he saw me.) here we are today.

It was within a couple of months that we first said I love you and then it was 11 years ago today that he proposed. And let me tell you, he's lucky that he proposed that night because he was really pissing me off leading up to it... but he knew that and it was on purpose :)

And 10 years ago today was a beautiful fun wedding, though one of the reasons that he'll never forget it, is that he made a huge running faux pas when someone asked how many meters were in a mile.

And here we are today, I spent my morning at Chuck E Cheese's, my afternoon in the pool with the boys, my evening playing soccer and the night folding laundry and getting a shoulder massage from him :)

And really I love him more everyday.

Tomorrow, we'll be romantic and get some quiet adult time dinner! (If I remember and have time tomorrow I'll scan and post a wedding picture.)

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