Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Canobie Lake and first communion

This past weekend was pretty busy, but a ton of fun!

On Saturday, Canobie lake park opened for the season. Tickets were cheap and the weather was beautiful so I decided to take the boys. Thank god for my sister because she met us there and it was hug to have an extra adult since Timmy started going on rides that the other two wouldn't go near :)

Here are some pics of that:

Then on Sunday, Timmy received his First Communion. Of course I was a sap. It was definitely hot in that church, but I was so proud of him as he walked in carrying the Lectionary. Here is some video. He is very excited about the fact that he can go up and receive communion anytime now. Sammy is a bit jealous! Not only of communion, but also all the gifts that Timmy got. He has been saving for a TV of his own and now he can afford it :)