Thursday, July 30, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation

This was the first year that we could take our vacation on our own terms. I have to say, picking a time to go was actually more difficult than when we had to go when daycare did.

But as usual we went up to Tamworth for a few days.

We started our vacation off spending a day with Sammy's friend Jaxon and his family on Pin River Pond in Wakefield, NH. About 25 minutes south of Tamworth. We had a GREAT day. They have a boat and the boys went tubing for the first time. They loved it. I think that we'll try to spend more time with them next summer!!

On Sunday, we tried Monkey Trunks. We all had a blast except Max, who we thought would love being a genuine monkey. He was too afraid to fall so really didn't do much. But the rest of us were tired when we were done :) And then in the afternoon we went mini golfing which is always a challenge with our overly competitive oldest :) Sam max and I played one hole behind Rich and Timmy!

Monday we hit the usual StoryLand. Always fun!

Although, we were able to hit all the rides we wanted too, a major rainstorm blew through which had us hiding in a tent for about 30 minutes :)

Tuesday was our last full day there and we went to white lake in the morning and then up to Mt. Washington to see Daddy do a mountain bike race.
While we waited, the boys each got a turn climbing on the climbing wall at the bottom of Mt. washington. Timmy made it to the top this year and each boy got further than they had before.

We got home on Wednesday, tired, but happy :)

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