Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where have I been?

Sorry, all, I didn't realize it had been so long since I have posted.

School has been going well for the boys. The after school program has left much to be desired (the old director is no longer there and we all loved her). But I have met with the principal and hopefully things will get better. Otherwise, it is back to routine. Max is adjusting to the long days, the poor things is exhausted at the end of the day despite rest time in his class. I have been putting him to bed at 7 these days because he needs a little extra sleep. But he is still a little boy, the other day he told me that one of the other moms has bigger boobs than me... excellent, he is noticing these things in pre-school, what is going to happen when he is in high school?

Tim and Sam are doing well, but I am already seeing the pressure that Tim puts on himself... he commented recently that he is unsure why he has only gotten 1 "100" so far this year. Tim is also doing a reading today in the school's re-dedication ceremony, I'm leaving work early to go see it.

Sammy is his usual smily self and is doing very well in school so far. His papers are all coming back with high marks and he likes his classmates!

We are still in high football season and the boys are playing fabulously. Tim had another 50 yard touchdown in the last game! And Sammy is blocking his line really well!

This week, we are surprising the boys with a long weekend trip to disney. They ahve no idea that we are picking them up early from school on thursday and heading straight for the airport! I can't wait to tell them!

Oh, and I won $5k on the radio yesterday. I heard three songs in a row by 1 artist and was caller # 14. Disney is paid for!! Well, and I am giving each boy $100. they are psyched!

Ok, I really should get back to work... my next post will likely be with pictures of disney!

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JSmith5780 said...

ooh fun, have a GREAT trip!! And congrats on the $$