Saturday, September 12, 2009


Phew... what to say about Max. Anyone who spends any amount of time in the same area s Max knows that he is a whirlwind. He doesn't stop moving (nevermind talking) and his ears just don't seem to work sometimes!! But he says the sweetest things when you least expect it. I am never short on I love yous or "you're the prettiest prettiest prettiest mom in the world"

He seems to be liking school so far. He really likes a little boy named TJ. Apparently at recess the other day a kindergarten-2 girl (K-2 is 5 year olds and Max is in K-1, 4 year olds)... anyway, a little girl in K-2 was chasing Max and TJ around the yard barking at them and trying to snuggle them. He is so damn cute.

He is also doing very well with Karate. Like the other two boys he started karate over the summer and he has a blast. They really just do a lot of basics, but he really enjoys it.

Next week is his first full week of full-days at school and then he starts at the extended day program. Thank goodness that they have rest time in school because I am going to have one tired little boy on my hands!!

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