Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Six Flags

So we had a busy weekend. First on saturday we had Sammy's pool party. Now if you remember correctly, Saturday was a downpour. Well, we had it anyway and the boys DID go in the pool. BUt I made them get out in about 10 minutes before they froze to death.

Sunday we had the jamboree football game. It was really fun to see both TIm and Sam on the starting offense. Sammy was lining up against a boy about as big as TIm and did awesome. Tim as usual dominated anyone near him. At one point he carried the ball and the refs had to blow the whistle to end the play because 7 kids couldn't bring Tim to the ground.

Then yesterday I took the day off to take the boys to Six Flags. I hadn't been there in over 8 years and the boys really wanted to go. SO we met my dad and brother and off we went. We had an awesome time!! The boys did coasters they had never done and since it wasn't took packed we got on all the rides we wanted... at the end I made them sit for a cariacture:

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