Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Game 1 down...

Well, like I said, this week is pure chaos. Football four nights this week and baseball three nights. Luckily, football is not nearly as time consuming and exhausting as we thought it would be. But he is loving it. And he found out that his first scrimmage is Aug 16. and he got his position assignment... Cornerback... according to Rich this is the same position as my cousin.

But then we went to his baseball game where he played catcher for the first two innings. He came over to me, my sister, and parents prior to his ups to tell them to come stand behind the backstop because we could see him bat better. He walked his first at-bat, but then his second at bat he hit a double... which is a big deal in this league because since the kids pitch, there are a lot of walks and very few hits. If I can get any of the video from the last game posted, I will.

Tomorrow is more of the same, football right after work and then another baseball game at 7:45!

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