Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow, I really am MIA huh?

Like I said before, things are just crazy right now. The weekends are the down time and even those are a little busy :) Here's a quick update on what everyone is doing...

Max: is his crazy little, skinny self. We rearranged the boys rooms, first Timmy's a couple weekends ago and then Sam and Max's because Sam needed a change. So we separated the bunk beds and they are both on the floor now. Well, Max has figured out how to jump from his bed, to a toybox, and then over on to Sammy's bed. I'm just waiting for a broken arm.

Sammy: Has gotten into a little trouble lately, Ok a lot of trouble. To the point where I have had to be a good, all-be-it mean mom and have canceled his birthday party. Even after sending invitations, I have had to go back and contact all the kids and tell them the party is off. He better learn his darn lesson because this is one of the hardest things that I think I have ever done.

Timmy: Is absolutely loving playing football and he is even pretty good at it. He has a game every weekend and practices a few times a week. I think that he is ready to go back to school though because he needs some time away from his brother! THey don't go back until Sept. 3 though!

Rich: is in full-fledged training mode for the next bike season. Which is good because he loves it, but is bad for me because he is eating all the time and that is hard for me as I try to get back on weight watchers :) But he is good about trying to help me out.

Me: still working, driving kids around, and playing soccer. Pretty soon Rich and I will be going back to school. Both of us have this semester and next and then we are finally done, Rich with his MBA, me with my Masters. We can't wait to be done.

Well, I better get back to work and earn my paycheck!

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