Saturday, August 16, 2008

sorry I've been MIA...

Things have been crazy around here lately...

Work is actually moving along at a reasonable pace, but the after work stuff is a little overwhelming right now.

Timmy is into his second week of football, but this is the first week that they have worn pads and he absolutely loves it. On Tuesday he watched the clouds roll in and was really hoping that it didn't storm because, "he really wanted to tackle somebody". And today was his first scrimmage. He played in every play, both offense and defense and even had to play go to him a couple of times. He played really well.

Just as a heads up to the family... Timmy has a home game on Sept. 7 at 4:00 pm against... wait for it... Lincoln, RI. So, I'll have a small cookout for anyone that wants to come out and then we can go over and watch Tim play against Joey's hometown :)

Again, I've got some video, I just haven't put it up yet.

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