Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Recap...

Let's just say that it has been a long weekend. Rich has been away for his 24 hour mountain bike ride and I have had the kids virtually alone since Friday morning. I did take the kids to my parents on Saturday and that was helpful.

My parents and brothers are always good about taking the boys and playing with them to give me a break. We brought them out to lunch and in the pool and each one got to take a turn on "helping" grandpa mow the lawn. The funny thing was, Tim and Max were happy to help drive the mower, while Sam just rode along sticking his fingers in his ears because it was too loud ;)

One of the funnier Max moments was when I let the boys try the games I had on my iPhone. I have a scribble app where you just draw with your fingers. The first time that Max drew with his finger, he took his finger off the phone and looked at it trying to figure out how the color came out of his finger and got on the screen. It was totally cute :)

Now, I'm wondering why I'm not in bed... especially because tomorrow brings Rich back to me.

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