Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holy Cow... it's been a long time...

Things are, as usual, hectic!

Starting next week, we are back to having something going on every day (and I know I am part of that). Rich and I go back to school for our final semester... woo hoo!! In May, Rich will have completed a gruelling MBA program and I will have my Masters degree. But on top of us going to school, Tim is playing indoor baseball and basketball, Sam is playing guitar and basketball, and Max is swimming. Plus I am still trying to play soccer.

So we are crazy, but it is also what keeps us sane. Rich was chuckling yesterday that the only way we got to talk to each other last night before 8:30 was shouting across a parking lot and chatting through our open windows as we drove past each other to different places. I say this keeps us sane because if we were not active doing activities (all of us, I think that we would get on each other's nerves ;) The only hard part is finding the time to let everyone do what they want.

Timmy's birthday was great, he loves that he has one in his wallet now... (Lilly, we kept meaning to call you and it got lost in the shuffle. But look in the mail soon!) This weather is awful, buut the pellet stove has been awesome for keeping the living room toasty.

The kids are still playing the Wii Fit and their new games (I'm trying to be good about using the Wii fit often as well.) And the basement repair is going. We are almost to a finishing point. Then we need to tackle other house projects!!

Ok, I should be working!

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