Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some days....

Max just drives me crazy... in some good ways and some bad :)

Yesterday, I was in the bathroom, and at this point, he is old enough that I can tell him I need privacy. SO I am in there and the door starts to open, I say, Mommy's is in here and needs privacy please. He says through the door, I want to watch a movie. And I say, when I get out.

Well, he closes the door and leaves... for about a second. Then the door starts to open just enough that he can stick the VHS tape in. TO which I say, Max, I asked you to leave so Mommy can have privacy... to which he replies, but i'm not in there!

Then, as I write this, Max is finishing his lunch (hopefully). He has been sitting here for a while dilly-dallying. I said, "Max, you are making Mommy angry..." to which he replies, "Yeah, But sometimes, I make you happy."

He's three and coming up with these retorts!!!

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JSmith5780 said...

Happy Birthday Tim!!

From Austin, Ben and Connor