Friday, December 28, 2007

School vacation week

Well, here we are on Friday and both the kids and I have managed to remain unscathed... so far! We have actually had a pretty busy week since christmas day, I am looking at 5 more days with them though :)

Wednesday we ended up doing a little shopping and mostly hanging out, I think. I actually can't quite remember what the boys and I did :) Although I do remember heading to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner to celebrate my Mother in law's 60th birthday. She even rode the saddle!

Thursday my cousin Allison came over, she's 10 and the boys, especially Max, love her!

Then we ran to 2 doctor's appts, 1 for Max in which he needed to have his face (sinuses) xrayed. I wasn't expecting that one to go very well, but after about 1 minute of him not wanting to do it, he did great! The other doctor appt was to find out Tim likely had a double ear infection. A little antibiotic and he is fine :)

Then we came home and the boys all took 2 hour naps while Allison played the Wii and I folded a little laundry and read for my upcoming class. Eventually, we decided to make the cookies that Lilly had given the boys. Both Sam and Max donned their new aprons and mixed up their batter.

Can you tell which set of cookies Sam did and which ones Max did? :) I really didn't try to control how they were done :) But they had fun :)

Friday, the boys got haircuts and then my sister came over so I could go grocery shopping. The boys were psyched that they didn't have to go :) Then I took the older two to see Enchanted. I thought it was cute, but it was a little too girly for them :)

And so here we are now. I'm going to d more homework and figure out what we are planning for the weekend. Hopefully working on the basement :)

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