Tuesday, December 25, 2007

XMas Eve

As is our typical plan, we spent XMas eve day at my in laws. There are some things that you can pretty much always count on and this year some that you couldn't...

You always know that Kim will bring the beer bread, Tracy will have tons of stuff for all the kids, and that it will just generally be pure chaos with 5 kids around xmas presents.

However, I do not typically have Spam served along with the turkey. Apparently, this was a staple in the Person household growing up. Thank goodness I didn't meet him until college!

As usual, we left with more than we went with, but the boys were happy. As is my family tradition, the boys (and me) all got new jammies to wear for bed. This year the boys had also been asking for robes, so I got them robes and slippers too. Here is a pic:

We did almost get caught by the oldest around 9:20, all the presents were out in the palyroom and under the tree, so I headed him off in the hallway. He then yelled at me that we hadn't gone to bed yet! More posts of xmas day later!

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