Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back to school

Well, the boys were back to school today and so was I. I'm taking a week long class this week so that I don't have to take one all semester. This is good and bad. Good because I can get a class out of the way quickly, bad because it is in a subject I'm not overly excited about and I have to write a 20-25 page paper about it. Blech!

So, I've determined lately that I am a lot like my dad ;) So, we bought the boys a Wii for xmas (OK Santa did) and they got Super Paper Mario to go with it. Well, I loved Super Mario as a kid and so now spend more time than I should playing. Last night, Rich went to bed at 10 and I stayed up for 45 minutes playing. This completely reminds me of when we were kids and we would be in bed and hear my dad playing Zelda downstairs on the Nintendo :) I guess I get my gamer mentality from my dad :)

Let's see, what else is going on. Kids are good... Timmy continues to be a perfectionist and huge football fan He is very excited that we decorated the downstairs last night with a life-size decal of Tom Brady (Yes, I now have a 6'4" Tom Brady in my downstaris. Plus a helmet decal that is the size of a hula hoop!) He is playing basketball and skating and loves every minute of it.

Sammy is still my good-natured, understanding kid! This morning I went to pull his gym uniform out of the dryer to find that we never turned the dryer on!! So I threw his stuff in by itself for 17 minutes, but it didn't dry. So being the sweet kid that he is, he wore a damp t-shirt and regular school dress pants for gym day without a complaint!! Tim would have freaked.

Max is still such a little spitfire. But he is so smart... this child rhymes everything. He just makes stuff up out of nowhere. No funny stories for today, but I'm sure we'll have one tomorrow :)

Time for more homework!

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Ellen - Nellie said...

Good luck with class! Just remember...double spaced Geneva font!!