Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moon Sand...

I've probably mentioned before how my dad always hated play-doh. (I think...) Well, I certainly do not have a great fondness for it since it always seems to be more on the floor and table than in any semblance of art :)

But I have now decided that I like Moon Sand even less. Sammy was bored last night so I let him pull out his moon sand. I figured putting it in a big rubbermaid contained would keep it semi-neat and that by putting it on the kitchen floor, we would be able to easily clean up the spills. And really, it wasn't that big of a mess, except for when Max was throwing the sand at Sam. These pictures show you a little of the setup and a small piece of the mess. Most of the time that they were doing this, I spent trying tot find the darn dust pan and broom. And yes, I couldn't find them because I rarely use them, Rich does that!

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