Friday, January 25, 2008

Do they have clcasses for this stuff?

Ok, so for once, this is a post not about my kids...

So one of the boys goes to the bathroom this morning and as usual uses a whole roll of paper to wipe his bum! Well, you can imagine that of course this then clogs the toilet. Well, since I am the only one home in the morning I get to be master plumber and plunge it.

But can someone tell me why after 25 tries in different angles, different positions, I still can not get this thing to unplug. But Rich will walk in there tonight (yes I did have to leave it) and with 1 try will get it to go down. I swear there must be a class for men on this!

1 comment:

trackrich said...

Yes that was a post about your kids since it started with a story about Tim :)

Yes, the class is taught right after "Knowing when to say you're wrong, even if you're right" :)

Love you honey...