Sunday, January 13, 2008

the snow is coming...

Well, the next week should be interesting. I'm taking a week long class this week, but tomorrow may be canceled because of the snow. Which also means that the boys may be canceled. Add to that, the fact that i had a bum tire that was replaced badly and now the spare is back on. Rich is going to have a field day with the place tomorrow when he calls.

Last night we let the two older boys stay up (as long as they could) to watch the game. Sammy made it until just before 10 and then asked to go to bed. Tim was bound and determined to make it until the end, but at 10:30 ended up in my bed "to watch the end" and was passed out within about 3 seconds I think.

Today we went to a birthday party at laserzone which was great because then Max could go and climb on the giant obstacle course and get some energy out so he could take a good nap. I tried to get the older kids to nap, and Sam is, but Tim is hanging out in my room so I can read. I am contemplating a run though.

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