Wednesday, January 30, 2008

your favorite literary character...

Today the kids got to dress up as their favorite literary character... So today Sam is dressed in yellow from head to foot and wearing a red hat so that he can be...

Sam I am :) from Green Eggs and Ham.

Tim's costume was a bit more difficult (at least deciding what he should be was). Ultimately, we decided on Horton (from Horton hears a Who). I even made him a trunk (I bought the ears). But they were both excited and it sounds like everything worked out well. I should have gotten pictures, but didn't. If any parents sends some home from school I'll scan them and put them up.

As for me, I'm taking tomorrow off mostly to write my paper, but to do a couple of other things as well. I have about half of the paper done, but it is taking me about 1.5 hours to write about 2 pages. So we're getting there, but I'd rather be closer to done :)

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