Thursday, February 7, 2008

Farewell to Green Fella

Well, we have had our first pet death (other than fish). Green Fella who was the newest member of the hermit crab family and Sammy found him outside his shell and not moving last night. Well, we waited to make sure that he wasn't just molting or moving shells. Well he hadn't moved since that time, so Rich threw him out.

Well, last night after we found him, Timmy was really upset. He tried to tell Max (since it was his crab) and Max said, "Who is Green fella." Which made Tim laugh, but really he was in tears. And he said to me, "But he wasn't even 1 year old". Poor kid.

He did get over it pretty quickly though! :)

As an addendum to my last post... As Max was screaming bloody murder last night (and yes the other 2 came out in tears because Max was scaring them) he then tells me that, "He wants to sleep with the froggies", not buggies, but froggies. We tried it and he wanted immediately back in his bed!

Ok, I'm off to soccer.

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